CCD camera laser cutting syetem

CO2 laser cutting / engraving machine

Laser cutting machine for textile &garment


  • Is the machine high quality?
  • Which CNC laser cutting machine meets my requirements?
  • Is the machine working efficiently?
  • Which CNC laser cutting machine should I choose?

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High-quality parts supplier

  • High-quality CNC laser machines need high-quality accessories.

  • RECI brand 80-150W CO2 laser tube, 280-300WYL brand laser tube for high power CO2 laser tube, we support global quality assurance;

  • The servo motor is manufactured by Japanese companies Yaskawa, Mitsubishi or Fuji in Japan; the Leadshine hybrid servo and the stepping motor;

  • The guide rail and slider are made by Taiwan PMI brand for the highest quality and stability.

High standard installation and testing

  • Our 10 years of CNC laser production experience results in a scientific and sound production line.

  • The process of production is divided into 5 parts: installation, wiring, testing, quality inspection and packaging.

  • The machine is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory, including a diagonal test, circular cutting test, accuracy in dimensional cutting test, and optical path correction.

  • The machine is tested continuously for no less than 24 hours before being shipped.


Professional after-sales service team

  • The AMOR after-sales service team provides timely and expert training and maintenance. 

  • Customers receive a video on machine installation and operation, so they can get it up and running quickly.

  • Our after-sales service team provides installation, training and maintenance for customers around the world.

  • Customers’ inquiries are never left unanswered. Our online customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The CNC Laser makes cutting easier.

wasteReduces wasted material;
LowDecreases defects;

Makes production more efficient;
difficultFacilitates hiring qualified workers;
timeReduces labor costs…

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AMOR is a professional CNC&Laser cutting machine manufacturer. It has accumulated rich experience in industrial production and R&D, and has formed a complete product structure to meet the different needs of customers.

  • Product type: AMOR has two production lines of laser cutting machine and CNC cutting machine.
  • AMOR has a variety of processing machine for cutting. There are 8 models for conventional machine format.
  • AMOR can meet a variety of metal and non-metal materials cutting, has a wealth of industry application experience.  MORE…