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More Powerful Hybrid Laser Cutting Machine for Metal / Nonmetal Cutting

Laser hybrid cutting machine is also called metal/non-metal hybrid laser cutting machine. Its biggest feature is that it can cut both metals and non-metals. The metal materials that can be cut by the mixed cutting machine include stainless steel, iron plate, galvanized sheet, titanium plate, etc., and the non-metallic materials [...]


Metal & non-metal hybrid laser cutting machine (abbreviated as: laser hybrid cutting machine) is not only suitable for thin metal cutting, but also can cut thick non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, MDF, etc. It is a cost-effective and powerful Laser cutting machine. It is precisely because of this that [...]

Make welding easier with AMOR laser welding machine

Metal processing is developing towards precision, integration, and intelligence. Laser equipment represented by laser welding and cutting can effectively solve the technical problems faced in the metal processing process, and it is more and more widely used in the field of metal cutting and welding. As a provider of intelligent [...]

How to cut embroidery woven label with CCD camera laser cutting machine

Let you understand how the CCD camera laser cutting machine cuts embroidery woven labels. Whether it is cutting a single woven label pattern or multiple different woven label patterns, it can be done at once. Achieving precise cutting of embroidery and weaving labels and improving efficiency. Firstly,how to cut a [...]

Laser cutting paper | 3 advantages of laser cutting cardboard | AMOR Laser

Paper cutting is done with a small craft laser engraving machine. The paper laser cutting machine is like a highly skilled artist. It can quickly and perfectly cut various complex paper designs to meet all the imagination of paper designers. Greeting cards represent a kind of good wishes. Friends and [...]

CCD laser cutting machine for cutting sublimation face masks

Masks are our most commonly used health protection products, especially in the face of the widespread infection of the COVID19 virus, we need to protect ourselves. Digital printing masks not only have the protective functions of ordinary masks, but also have been developed and improved in appearance and materials, becoming [...]

AMOR mask laser cutting machine boarded the US News

With the spread of COVID19 around the world, masks have become a necessary item for people to protect themselves. However, it is not easy to have enough masks for everyone. What should we do? Sublimation-face-mask-cuttingMr. Julio is a boss specialized in the production of printed clothing in the United States. [...]

Vision camera laser cutting machine for sublimation garment: how to choose the working area of ​​the machine

The vision camera laser cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system and an automatic image recognition system, which solves the problems of difficult cutting, low efficiency and high labor cost of sublimation printed fabrics, and realizes automatic cutting into rolls of sublimation printed fabrics. Therefore, more and more [...]

How CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine Cuts Sublimation Sportswear

Let's take the cutting of this sublimation fabric as an example. Obviously, this is used to make basketball jerseys. CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine We extract the outline of the image in the software and then cut it. We will use the function of identifying the edge of [...]

Two different mixed laser cutting machines for metal and wood cutting

What is a mixed laser cutter? It is a laser cutting machine that can cut metal materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as non-metal materials such as MDF, wood, and acrylic. The working principle of the mixed laser cutting machine is the same as the ordinary [...]

Why Mixed Laser Cutting Machines Can Cut Metal and Wood

Mixed laser cutting machine has unique advantages over ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine-it can meet the cutting of both metal sheet (stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium gold plate) and non-metal materials (wood, MDF, acrylic). Due to its low use and purchase costs, powerful functions and high accuracy, this machine is [...]

A variety CCD camera laser cutting solutions for sublimation printed sportswear

Our high-end brand sportswear, which is common in our life, is made of high-polyester, spandex, high-tension, high-elastic sportswear fabrics. It has the functions of protection, warmth, quick-drying, good air permeability and good elasticity. These functional materials are expensive, and improper use can result in production waste and increase the cost [...]

Plush toy cutting process – plush toy laser cutting machine

Plush toys have high requirements for cutting quality, and laser cutting can satisfy! The fabric of the plush toy is mainly made of textile materials. The plush toy has a cute shape, soft touch, and is not afraid of squeezing and decorative. As a toy that directly contacts human skin, [...]

Why choose laser fabric cutting machine cutting faux fur

As the fur processing market becomes more competitive and customer demand continues to increase. Automated cutting equipment such as plush laser cutting machines have been widely used. Faux fur laser cutting machine How can I choose a suitable laser fabric cutting machine? There are six factors to consider [...]

4 advantages of the AMOR fabric laser cutter for the upholstered sofa cutting

AMOR developed the AMO-1630 automatic fabric laser cutting machine for the cutting of upholstered sofa fabrics. The machine uses a unique fabric control method to ensure the smoothness of fabric transport. The combination of the automatic feeding system and the automatic rectification system ensures the precision of conveying ultra-long fabrics. [...]

6 steps to complete the visual CCD laser cutting machine settings

How to set up a visual CCD laser cutting machine? Accurately identify the outline of the image and quickly cut the printed fabric. Realize automatic, precise and fast cutting of printed garments. Laser cutting printed fabrics and textiles-AMOR First step First step Camera focus adjustment As shown below [...]

The importance of precise automatic feeding system for laser fabric cutter

The automatic feeder refers to the automatic operation according to the specified requirements and the established procedures. The person only needs to determine the control requirements and procedures and does not need to directly operate the feeding mechanism. That is to say, the goods are sent from one location to [...]

How to choose automatic fabric cutting machine for customized production of sofa factory

The automated cutting of sofas has become an inevitable trend, and now the sofa factory must choose the equipment that best suits them. I have divided the sofa automatic cutting solution into large-volume and small-volume solutions according to output. Customers need to choose the solution that suits their needs according [...]

The sofa factory often makes 3 mistakes when choosing an automatic fabric cutting machine

1 Hello, I am a sales engineer who has worked in the CNC machine industry for 10 years. I started selling my automatic fabric cutting machine in the sofa manufacturing industry in 2014. It has been five years since today. This article will let you know about my experiences in [...]

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