AMOR fabric laser cutting machines are widely used in the upholstered furniture industry. Based on our accumulated experience in serving the upholstered furniture factory. We have summarized 10 questions that are often asked by customers. I hope to help you.

1.Does it break to pieces so it can feet in my factory ( i need to install it on the first floor of my factory), if so can a person from your company can come and put it together here in greece?

When you received the machine ,withThree parts.

Machine body
Feeding bracket
Laser tube .

You just need set up the laser tube on the machine (offer guide video),connect the auxiliary configuration,(cooling machine, exhaust fans, computer).

After installation photo:(User site)










About the install:

Customers have three ways :

*Install by yourself ,we offer guiding video .it is easy .

*Sent engineer to our factory ,we training for free until you operating well.

*We sent engineer to your factory ,User pay for the air tickets, accommodation, and training fee $65/day

2,Is the scanner included so i can scan my excisting forms? ( do you have any video or photos of it)

Yes,It included the digital scanner,not only can import existing forms,but also can import the cutting mouth of forms.





Related video:

3,Does it require a difficult installation?

No ,It is easy .because when you received the machine ,it is whole ,not in pieces ,you just need connect the major parts .







4,How much is the shipping cost for port of piraeus here in Greece?

Machine size: L4.28*W2.31*H1.19m

Packaging size: 4.92*2.39*1.47m

Totally shipping cost:USD200

Transportation time :about 35 days

Sailing date: Every Sunday

5,What is the optional ccd camera you mention in your pdf?

This CCD mainly for trade logo cutting ,that the camera take the photo of logo, remember that ,then repeat cutting. .

Not suitable for sofa fabric cutting industry.  .

6,Does it have a vaccum so the fabric can stick to the surface?

Yes .Have a vacuum ,that honeycomb plate adsorption platform, that ensure the fabric surface smoothly .






7,Can i import the scanned fabric shape to corel so i can modify it?

Yes ,you can .but normally no need,because we matched related typeset software,you can modify by it ,like extension or shorten the length,and change the direction of forms.,

8,Does it do engraving?

Yes .can engraving .You just need adjust the laser power ,make the laser power lower than cutting .,

9,The auto feeder how many places for fabric rolls does it have, can i have more than one?

Normally .one machine matched one fabric rolls ,put on the back of the machine .that both for whole fabric in rolls and fabrics in pieces .One rolls is enough .

May I know why you consider more than one ?

10,Does the ayto feeder pulls the fabric back again?

auto feeding systems

Yes .Auto feeder not only can feeding fabrics forward ,but also feeding back .you can operate by button .That pulls back the remaindering fabrics .