This is a conversation between the manufacturer of upholstered furniture and the sales manager of AMOR:

“Customer-customized orders are getting more and more, accounting for more than 60% of all orders. This problem is a headache for me.”
“Because custom orders often need to change the layout and size. This brings a lot of work to the fabric cutting workers, making the efficiency very slow and often error.”


Are you also facing this problem in the process of fabric cutting? Then, it is time to make a change!

Instead of manually managing sofa templets and nested with intelligent software:

In order to better meet the customized production, the first thing that needs to be solved is the frequent modification of the template. The change in the size and style of the sofa has brought a lot of work to the man, especially in the nesting of the model, even a good fabric cutter can only complete 3-5 sets of sofas a day.


When we use intelligent management software, these tasks can be very easy. We can enter the name, quantity with software for the sofa template. When we need to integrate two different sets of templates, we only need to “copy” to complete.

The most important thing is that we can use the intelligent software to complete the nesting of the template, it only takes 2-3 minutes to complete this task. It takes at least 40 minutes, or even longer, to manually complete the nesting of a set of sofa samples. In addition to saving work time, the smart software also provides nesting orientation settings for sofa cutting, especially when producing flannel sofas.

In addition to these powerful features, Smart Nesting software provides a more cost-effective nesting solution for sofa manufacturing, saving 5%-8% of fabric per corner sofa. And we can preview the nesting scheme through the computer, preventing the waste of fabric caused by the wrong nesting.

Automated fabric cutting solutions replace manual cutting:

Fabric cutting is the first process in the manufacture of sofas. If the cutting work cannot be completed smoothly, it will bring obstacles to the production process of the entire sofa. Frequently updated sofa models allow the sofa factory to require more fabric cutters to complete the order. However, fabric cutting is a very technically demanding job. This creates great difficulties and financial costs for the management of fabric cutters.

The automatic fabric cutting machine realizes the automatic cutting of fabrics, turning a technically demanding work into a very simple task. Even workers without fabric cutting experience can master the automation cutting of fabrics in only 3 days of study. The number of workers in the fabric cutting process is reduced, and the cutting of the sofa parts is more standard.

In short, automated fabric cutting solutions can help you achieve more efficient, low cost, high standards of fabric cutting.

A very important piece of advice:

We offer automatic fabric cutting solutions for more and more sofa manufacturing plants. We have an advice for the selection of automatic fabric cutting: please do not only pursue the number of cutting layers of the fabric cutting machine but choose according to the actual production.

Why are we telling you this advice? Because this will have serious consequences, if you do not choose equipment based on your actual production conditions, the equipment you choose may not be suitable for your own production.

There is a real story:
This story takes place at an exhibition of furniture manufacturing. The owner of a sofa manufacturing factory wanted to choose an automatic fabric cutting machine. He finally chose a cutting device that can cut 40 layers of fabric at a time. Why? Because the machine equipment supplier gave him a very tempting price only belongs to the exhibition.

The cutting ability of that machine was very good, but the boss of the sofa manufacturing factory finally returned. why? Because the boss’s production orders are mainly based on single-layer fabric cutting and 20-layer fabric cutting. This machine is not suitable for his production. This machine is very suitable for cutting fabrics with more than 40 layers, but it can’t cut fabrics of less than 20 layers, because the machine is very expensive to use, when cutting less than 20 layers, the boss could not accept the cost of running the machine.