1.High performance, high speed milling cutter
The machine adopts high-rotation, high-performance imported spindle motor. According to different materials and applications, the number of revolutions can reach up to 60,000 rpm, and the cutting edge is smoother. The prop can cut non-metallic hard materials and flexible materials with a thickness of 20mm, and the performance is far superior to the traditional cutting equipment, meeting the 24 hours of uninterrupted work. Equipped with professional and efficient vacuum cleaner, the whole cutting process has no odor and no dust.
Materials that can meet the cutting: 1.ABS plastic 2.PVC foam board 3.Acrylic board 4.Aluminum-plastic board 5.Insulation board 6.MDF medium density fiber board 7.MDF

High performance, high speed milling cutter

2.High frequency vibration knife cutting machine
The high-frequency vibrating knife cutting machine cuts materials by high-frequency vibration principle, and is equipped with various amplitude tools for different materials to ensure high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality cutting of various flexible materials. Blades with different angles can be used to cut materials of different thicknesses, such as 45°, 26°, 16°, etc.

Suitable materials for cutting:
1. Corrugated board 2. Honeycomb board 3. KT board 4. Gray board 5. PVC foam board 6. Leather 7. Carpet 8. Corrugated plastic board

High frequency vibration knife cutting machine

3.Multi-angle bevel cutter
According to different cutting requirements, we can adjust the groove lines at different angles. It can cut 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 35°, 45° angles, and the thickness of cutting material is ≤16mm.
Suitable materials for cutting:
1. Honeycomb panel 2. Moderately rigid PVC 3. Corrugated paper 4. Gray board 5. Cardboard

Multi-angle bevel cutter

4.Indentation knife cutting machine
The indentation knife cutter creases the material through the indentation wheel, and the perfect indentation effect is obtained by replacing the pressure wheel with a suitable depth and width. The directional pressure adjusts the indentation or wrinkle. Through software control, the indentation tool can forward or reverse the direction of the material to obtain a higher quality indentation without damaging the surface of the material.

Suitable materials for cutting:
1. corrugated paper 2. gray board paper 3. PPC 4. coated paper

Indentation knife cutting machine

5.Wheel cutter cutting machine
The wheel cutter cutting material is driven by a high-power DC motor to rotate the blade at a high speed, and can be equipped with a circular blade or a 10-corner blade.

Suitable materials for cutting:
1. Banner cloth 2. Non-woven fabric 3. Banner cloth 4. Textile fabric 5. Woven material 6. Glass fiber 7. Aramid fiber

Wheel cutter cutting machine

6.Drag cutter
Suitable for cutting various flexible materials ≤ 5mm

Suitable materials for cutting:
1. Paper jam 2. Sticker sticker 3. Thin plastic 4.pp adhesive 5. Chevron board 6. Blanket 7. Soft glass 8. Imitation leather