Through communication with many customers, AMOR found that customers have many misunderstandings about CO2 laser metal/non-metal hybrid cutting machine. Here, we have summarized several points for everyone. I hope that everyone can help when choosing a laser hybrid cutting machine!

1. The CO2 laser hybrid cutting machine was developed in the past two years, and the technology is still immature. —- Wrong!

Is this the kind of factory that is not mature, the factory that does not produce laser hybrid cutting machine, or the salesman?
Laser hybrid cutting machines have been used in the market 6 years ago. Only at that time the price was relatively high, and the lowest price was 168,000 yuan. And there are fewer manufacturers that actually put a lot of production into production. The matching typewriter and laser welding machine are not cheap. A set of equipment is almost twice as expensive as the current price.

The Jinan AMOR laser is aimed at this situation, invested a lot of money in the laser hybrid cutting machine, upgraded the machine several times, and strictly controlled the cost of this machine, reducing the profit of this machine, putting the price Really affordable. Only now is acceptable to most customers.

Price. Really led the hot sale of this machine in the market!
So, no matter what you buy, it’s better to do a survey first. Understand the history, don’t let people go, and bring yourself into an unreal situation. Delay your plan.


2. Laser hybrid cutting machine is very cheap. —- Wrong!

AMOR can only say that compared to fiber laser cutting machines, laser hybrid cutting machines are very cheap. But you have to say that it is only a little more expensive than ordinary belts and stepper lasers. This is impossible.

A good factory that really makes a laser mixer, you can’t use one finger or five fingers. It’s just two or three. At the exhibition, some factories reported the price of this machine very low, as low as 50,000 in order to grab the order? 60,000? Seven thousand? 80,000? (RMB)…

Oh, there is no minimum, only lower! This kind of malicious competition, the last victim is only the person who buys the machine! Because no factory will do a loss business.

You may find that the machine that you bought for 5,680,800 yuan can only be used as an ordinary laser machine to cut acrylic. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter. You buy it.

I have said before that the laser cutting machine was born, eliminating the plasma cutting machine and the ordinary belt laser cutting machine.

An ultra-high-end laser hybrid cutting machine, which is the highest acrylic laser cutting machine on the market, and the function of cutting metal at the same time, is also several times better than plasma cutting metal, and the precision is several times higher. . Such a machine must be at least one plasma than +1 belt.

Metal laser cutting machine is high! What is the price of a 1325 plasma? What is the price of a 1325 laser machine? Do you really understand?
Then, think about those 5,680,800 laser hybrid cutting machines, is it reasonable? Do you really think that those factories are doing charity and don’t make money?

Not to mention the accessories used in the AMOR laser mixer, except for the sheet metal of the machine, almost all other machine parts are imported. More important is the assembly technology of the machine!

I remember that I met many foreign customers before. When they first saw the laser hybrid cutting machine, they were surprised. Why can the CO2 laser tube cut the metal plate and cut it so beautifully? This is because of technology! A machine equipped with a CO2 laser tube can cut acrylic and cut stainless steel and galvanized sheet by technology! It’s really not a factory that can do it casually!

Customers who really want to buy this machine can send us an email!

Everyone wants to spend the least amount of money and put what they want into their pockets. But we have to guarantee that the quality of this thing is what we need. Otherwise, you may end up looking for trouble.



3. All manufacturers’ laser mixers can cut galvanized sheets. —- Wrong!

AMOR often says a word to the customer, seeing is believing! Don’t listen. If their machine can also cut galvanized sheets and cut 1.2mm galvanized sheets, let them cut them a few! Get it? Or are they all slag? We are not saying that the AMOR’s cutting machine cuts the galvanized sheet absolutely slag. There will be some slag, but the AMOR machine slag must be acceptable to you. All metal sheets, galvanized sheets are the most difficult to cut. Why are you asking me? This is the laser tube of carbon dioxide! Not hundreds of thousands of fiber!

4. The cost of consumables for laser hybrid cutting machines is high. —- Wrong!

There are three operating costs for laser hybrid cutting machines: electricity, laser tubes, and oxygen.

Among them, the electric, AMOR laser mixing machine, the electric power is 2-3KW / hour. Basically it is a little more than 2 kilowatts.

As for the consumption of oxygen, the AMOR laser mixer has the lowest gas consumption. Cutting ultra-thin plates is only 0.2MPA. The image is a little, for example: the thin and long oxygen cylinder, someone else cut a bottle for 40 minutes and run out. The AMOR laser cutting machine cuts the same design and the bottle gas can be cut continuously for 2 hours.

Laser tube: AMOR laser only sells machines and does not sell consumables. What does it mean to not sell consumables? It’s not that I don’t provide customers with supplies, but I don’t make money for customer supplies. How much is a laser tube for someone else? 6 thousand? 7 thousand? 8 thousand? Even 9 thousand!

And what about AMOR lasers? How much is the customer only? ? The price is so low that you can’t imagine it! You can email us!
The same quality laser tube, even better stability! However, the full cost price is provided to the customer. So, we don’t sell consumables.

5. The laser tube of laser hybrid cutting machine has a life of 20,000 hours and a warranty of 6 months. —- Wrong!

First of all, you need to know what laser tube is used for the laser tube of the laser mixer. The real name is called the carbon dioxide catalyst glass tube.

This kind of laser tube is the first one in China that is the earliest hot-stimulated light tube with a famous gas tube. The theoretical life is 10,000 hours.

Those who have a life of 20,000 hours, I listened to customers at the show. I just wanted to sigh. Ugh!

10,000 hours is the theoretical life itself. Of course, for advertisers, this kind of laser tube is enough. At least, many of my customers have been using it for 2 years, and there is still no need to replace the laser tube. So talking about 20,000 hours is a lie. Grab the customer’s attention to the laser tube and say that it is irresponsible.

Because, which customer bought the machine, can it really take a few hours to calculate the laser tube? What is the concept of 20,000 hours, which means that a customer, usually processing 8 hours / day, this tube can be used for 6 years! is it possible? Cut it?

A solid fiber laser, hundreds of thousands of dollars, people’s life is only 8 years or 10 years! How many thousands of you!
Moreover, the life of 20,000 hours is only 6 months warranty. What logic is this? ?
It is stated here that the laser tube of AMOR laser hybrid cutting machine is 150W, the theoretical life is 10,000 hours, and the warranty is 10 months!


6. Why “AMOR” laser machines are so much more expensive than other brands of laser machines. —- ?
Buying a machine not only compares the price, but also compares the configuration and quality.

But the so-called contrast, there must always be a comparison object. All AMOR laser hybrid cutting machines are compared with some mixed cutting machine manufacturers, and will not be accompanied!
The customer asked you how big the chiller is, what brand is it, it is the special domain 6000, asked where the chiller is produced, said Jinan production, this is impossible, because the production area of ​​the special domain chiller in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Whether the quality of this laser hybrid cutting machine is reliable, the order quantity of the AMOR laser hybrid cutting machine on-site signing can be explained. Or explain the total market sales of this machine each year! Or explain the number of new customers brought by old customers.

7. The laser mixer can only work continuously for one or two hours. —- Wrong!

A machine that can’t work 24 hours a day, is that still called a machine?
We can calculate in detail, we always have to have lunch and dinner, and at least we can cut for 4 hours in a row! 1, 2 hours, what is the machine?
AMOR laser mixing machine can cut continuously for 24 hours!
No explanation! Believe it or not!