Our high-end brand sportswear, which is common in our life, is made of high-polyester, spandex, high-tension, high-elastic sportswear fabrics. It has the functions of protection, warmth, quick-drying, good air permeability and good elasticity. These functional materials are expensive, and improper use can result in production waste and increase the cost burden of the enterprise.
Market demand such as small batches, personalized customization, and fast delivery has become an urgent problem for sportswear companies.

AMOR Laser has been committed to digital laser application solutions for many years. Based on customer needs, based on the market and following the development trend of the industry, AMOR Laser has developed a variety of laser processing solutions for the digital sportswear industry.

 CCD camera laser cutting solutions for sublimation printed sportswear

CCD camera laser cutting solutions for sublimation printed sportswear

Laser processing solutions for oversized printed clothing:

With a working range of up to 2000mm and a high-definition Canon camera with 24 million pixels, the laser tube moves with the laser head.

Accurately identify areas of 1600mmX2000mm and complete precise cutting. When cutting large-scale printed garments, no splicing and cutting is required, which ensures the precision of cutting.

Equipped with precise feeding system to ensure the precision of continuous conveying of printed fabric rolls, it realizes automatic production of pattern recognition, precise feeding and fast cutting, which reduces the dependence of production on workers and improves cutting efficiency.

A cost-effective CCD camera laser cutting machine with image recognition:

The CCD camera vision series uses position recognition to transport the fabric to the work platform, which is then recognized by the camera to extract the outline of the image and then perform precise cutting. It can meet the production and processing requirements of small batches and multi-style sportswear, and is suitable for small-scale production.

The dual laser head cutting system can be selected to achieve simultaneous cutting of different patterns in the same working width, which greatly improves production efficiency and makes production simpler.

AMOR vision laser cutting machine is the core technology of AMOR!

It realizes the automatic processing of feeding, identification, cutting and receiving, without manual intervention, greatly reducing the production cost of the enterprise; large-format CCD visual scanning is suitable for many types of sportswear. Rolled fabrics enable automatic scanning and continuous cutting.

AMOR’s large-format CCD vision series has super high quality, it is a special cutting solution for printed sportswear manufacturers!

Accurate cutting of ultra-small clothing logos – letters, numbers

High-end sportswear requires personalized clothing logos at some events. Different clothing logos are used to distinguish each athlete’s identity. Processing the same pattern with different equipment can produce different visual effects.
Traditional camera recognition has many drawbacks – such as slow speed, poor precision, and inability to correct distortion. This can lead to patterns such as numbers, letters and icons in textiles that are highly susceptible to deformation during thermal transfer.
The AMOR Small Format CCD Vision Series is specifically designed to address these issues with high-precision Mark point positioning and software intelligence compensation algorithms. This series of products can meet the high requirements of thermal transfer garments and markings for cutting precision.