With the spread of COVID19 around the world, masks have become a necessary item for people to protect themselves. However, it is not easy to have enough masks for everyone. What should we do?

Sublimation-face-mask-cuttingMr. Julio is a boss specialized in the production of printed clothing in the United States. He loves outdoor sports and provides great products for Hollywood stars such as Stallone. In 2018, he purchased a CCD camera laser cutting machine from AMOR. The effective working area is 1600mmX2000mm, which can help him to better produce sublimation printed garment.

but. . .

A global epidemic outbreak in 2020 has had a huge impact on the global economy. Many factories have shut down and fired workers. Mr. Julio’s factory has also been greatly affected. But the difference is that Julio did not dismiss employees, and the workload is greater than before.



When the epidemic broke out, everyone was very scared, but there were not enough masks to provide people. Like everyone else, Julio did n’t have enough masks. In order to protect himself and protect his family, Julio began to use his laser cutting machine to produce masks. At first, just cut 5 or 10 masks, enough for your family. Later, his neighbors and friends needed help, and Mr. Julio produced more masks to help them.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility …


In order to help more people, Mr. Julio started mass production of masks, and launched the “buy one, give one free” campaign, so that he uses a laser cutting machine to cut, cut, cut almost 24 hours a day. His sewing workers also resumed their work so that they can not only earn enough wages to live, but also help more people. The local TV station learned Mr. Julio’s good deeds and sent a reporter to interview him on the spot.

When we face COVID19, one person is small and two are small. When thousands of people are united together, we will be able to overcome the virus and restore our lives to a better life.