Masks are our most commonly used health protection products, especially in the face of the widespread infection of the COVID19 virus, we need to protect ourselves.

Digital printing masks not only have the protective functions of ordinary masks, but also have been developed and improved in appearance and materials, becoming a fashionable product integrating health and epidemic prevention, beautiful and fashionable, personalized, environmental protection and comfort.

Now, many traditional printing methods have been gradually abandoned by customers, and screen printing cannot achieve gradient colors! Dye sublimation digital printing has the advantages of pollution-free, simple, small footprint and flexible, making up for the shortcomings of traditional printing!

The advantages of AMOR large vision CCD camera laser cutting machine for cutting sublimation printed fabrics:
1 High cutting accuracy. Stable performance, precise cutting, smooth trimming, ensuring accurate cutting and improved product quality;

2 Save labor and improve efficiency. Strong continuous processing ability, flexible batch, improve product quality and increase product competitiveness;

3 Meet personalized customization. Not limited by pattern, intelligent processing deformation, smooth trimming;

4 Automatic recognition. The one-time photo format is large, the contour of the image is automatically extracted, continuous cutting, and it is easy to deal with large-format cutting.