Metal & non-metal hybrid laser cutting machine (abbreviated as: laser hybrid cutting machine) is not only suitable for thin metal cutting, but also can cut thick non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, MDF, etc. It is a cost-effective and powerful Laser cutting machine. It is precisely because of this that AMOR hybrid laser cutting machines are chosen by more and more customers.


In addition to its powerful functions, there are some external factors that make hybrid laser cutting machines chosen by more and more customers.

First of all, labor costs are becoming more and more expensive, and customers have increasingly strict requirements for processing thin metal sheets, and plasma cutting machines have been gradually eliminated.

Secondly, although the fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal materials perfectly, the purchase cost is too high. Many customers only need to meet the cutting of 1-2mm stainless steel plate, so it is not cost-effective to choose the expensive fiber laser cutting machine.

AMOR hybrid laser cutting machine uses a 180W-300W high-power CO2 laser generator, and the cutting head uses an advanced head that can automatically lift for metal sheets, which perfectly solves the high-precision requirements of customers for thin metal sheet cutting, while also meeting customers cut various non-metallic materials, so the hybrid laser cutting machine is a cost-effective and powerful laser cutting machine.


So how to choose a hybrid laser cutting machine with stable performance?

The most important thing is to choose the correct CO2 laser generator, because the laser generator directly determines the quality of the hybrid laser cutting machine.

Divided by laser power: The commonly used power of laser hybrid cutting machine is 150W, 180W, 220W, 280W and 300W;

Divided by the brand of CO2 laser tube: RECI, YongLi.

If you choose 150W and 180W laser tubes, I suggest you choose Beijing RECI brand, because Beijing RECI is the best ordinary glass laser tube production factory in China, with stable quality, strong energy, and supports global warranty.

If you choose 220W, 280W and 300W laser tubes, I recommend the YongLI brand, because it continues the British GSI “dual laser tube parallel” technology. The laser tube adopts a sealed design to avoid dust damage to the laser tube. And equipped with self-produced dual laser power supply. The matching degree between the laser and the laser power supply is good. Even when one laser power supply or laser tube fails, the other laser tube can still work normally, the performance is stable, and the global warranty is supported.

TIP: If you decide to choose a hybrid laser cutting machine, then I suggest you try to choose a hybrid laser cutting machine with a power of 300W, because it has the best cost performance, the strongest processing capacity, and more durable energy.



1.Why Is The Price Of The Same 300w Hybrid Laser Cutting Machine So Different?

Because although the power of the laser tube is the same, the structure and quality are very different. Now that many factories find that hybrid laser cutting machines are more and more popular with customers, they find ways to reduce the processing costs of the machines and use cheap 300W CO2 lasers. The difference between this laser and YongLi 300W laser tube lies in the following three points:

1.1 Its structure adopts the “double-tube series” structure. If one laser tube fails, the whole laser cannot work normally;

1.2 It adopts an open design and is easy to install, but it is easily affected by the processing environment during use, resulting in fast energy attenuation and unstable cutting;

1.3 Global warranty is not supported. If any failure occurs during the warranty period, the customer will need to pay high freight.

Why Is The Price Of The Same 300w Hybrid Laser Cutting Machine So Different

2.Pursue The Use Of High-Power Co2 Laser Tubes, Such As 400w.

In theory, the higher the power of the laser, the stronger the cutting ability, but this must be based on product stability. Why is the quality of hybrid laser cutting machine larger than 300W unstable?

2.1 400W CO2 laser adopts the structure of “tandem laser tube”, the technology is immature, the energy is not lasting, and the power attenuation speed is fast;

2.2 Since the market positioning of the hybrid laser cutting machine is thin metal sheet and non-metal cutting, the core components of the entire product, including the reflector, laser head, and focusing lens, cannot sustain the burning of the light source of the high-power laser at all (our factory performs Tested).

2.3 This kind of immature product needs to rely heavily on after-sales. It is recommended that customers choose a hybrid laser cutting machine with more stable quality.

Have you learned? Hope this article will help you, and we will continue to update more knowledge about laser cutting machines.