The automated cutting of sofas has become an inevitable trend, and now the sofa factory must choose the equipment that best suits them. I have divided the sofa automatic cutting solution into large-volume and small-volume solutions according to output. Customers need to choose the solution that suits their needs according to their actual production capacity. There is no conflict between these two solutions. If the annual output is very large and the orders include both large-volume and small-volume customized orders, the factory owner can have two solutions to match production.

Because AMOR is a factory dedicated to providing customers with small-scale customized cutting solutions, as a sales engineer of AMOR, I can combine my years of experience in the sofa factory service to provide comprehensive guidance for your choice of equipment. If you need equipment suitable for small batches, please contact me.


The AMO1630 laser fabric cutting machine is an automatic cutting device designed for the continuous cutting of ultra-long cloth rolls. This model has been positioned as a professional cutting machine at the beginning of the process, so the working width of the machine is 1600mm. It can meet the cutting of most conventional sofa fabrics. The working width is 1600X3000mm, which can meet the cutting requirements of large sofa pieces. The model is used in more than 500 sofa factories around the world, including in China, Dubai, Canada, the United States, Greece, Serbia, Argentina, and Malaysia. Up until now, the AMO1630 automatic cutting machine has been updated to the fifth generation. It combines four core technologies of automatic feeding, automatic rectification, three-dimensional dust removal, and super-format cutting. The performance is more stable and the assembly more scientific. AMOR CNC not only provides intelligent cutting equipment for the sofa factory, but also integrates the sofa paper sample digital conversion system and intelligent software management output system to provide a complete solution for the sofa factory to realize automatic cutting.














What problems does the AMOR automated sofa cutting solution solve for customers?

To understand the answer to this question, you must understand the changes that are taking place in sofa production.

Traditional sofa production mode:

  • Purchasing in bulk to reduce material costs
  • Unified version and mass production
  • Advance inventory to meet the market’s solidified demand

When the order type of the sofa was changed from a large-volume order to a large number of small-volume, customized orders, this production model obviously could not meet the needs of market development.

The challenge of the new order type to the traditional production model of the sofa:

Personalized needs: When people choose a sofa, they choose the fabric, size, color and other elements of the sofa according to their personal preferences, living room size, and style of décor. Customers may not be satisfied with the existing inventory.

Short delivery time: Customers want a fast as possible turn-around time. According to our research on consumer psychology, the average customer would like to receive the sofa in seven days. It is a great challenge for factory production and procurement to complete a large number of customized orders within that time frame.

Large manual dependence: The increase of individualized demand has greatly increased the difficulty for cutting workers and seriously affected their efficiency. To complete large-volume customized orders in a short time, you need to pay for overtime or recruit more workers. In recent years, there has been a serious shortage of skilled cutting workers, which makes both recruiting and managing personnel difficult. The cost of labor is continuously rising, as is the dependence on cutting workers is high, a situation which affects the development and normalcy of the factory.

Declining profit margin: When the order type changes to the small volume, the advantage of a centralized factory procurement is gone. The cost of raw materials increases, overtime increases or more workers is hired so the factory can meet delivery times. All of it means an increase in the company’s operating costs. As one client said, “We are working overtime and not making money.”

So, how does the AMOR1630 automatic cutting machine help the sofa factory change from this appalling production mode of high input, low output, and low profit?

Use AMOR sofa automatic cutting solution to help customers easily realize sofa production in three steps and establish an automatic, intelligent, efficient and low-cost production mode:

The first step: to build an electronic database. The intelligent sofa model entry system converts a large number of sofa paper samples into electronic data easily and accurately and establishes an electronic database (Link: how to convert the sofa paper template), which facilitates the management of the sofa model. When the template is set, the sample number can be directly inputted into the computer for retrieval. It is not necessary to extract the paper template, which reduces the cost of storage and storage of the paper template, facilitates the extraction of the sofa sample, and provides data support for the intelligent cutting of the sofa.

The second step: intelligent management of the electronic data of the sofa sample. Utilize intelligent management software to complete the setting of the size, name, quantity, and layout of the sofa sample and complete the super-discharge in two minutes. The feeding plan can save about 5% of the fabric compared to manual typesetting. Also, the direction of the piece can be set according to the requirements of the sofa typesetting, and the requirements of the sofa process for the discharging plan can be met.

Using intelligent software to manage the sofa model, sample management and typesetting work is very simple. It no longer relies on the technical level of the cutting workers, reducing the dependence on the labor. The intelligent software also provides a preview of the nesting plan function. You can check the nesting plan and the required fabric in advance, thus ensuring the accuracy of the template management and layout, avoiding waste of the fabric by purchasing the material data according to the discharge plan.

By using the intelligent software to manage the sofa sample, the size and layout of different sofa models only need to be discharged once, then generate the marker drawing in PLT or DXF format. Save the name and access this model later. The size only needs to transfer the discharge map to cut and process, avoiding the waste of time caused by repeated discharge, saving time and improving work efficiency.

The third step: automatic cutting of the sofa fabric. One person can complete the cutting work. When the marking work is completed, we transfer the data to the automatic cutting device for automated cutting. The AMOR sofa series cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system and a vacuum suction system. The customer only needs to place the cloth roll or cloth on the feeding system and start the automatic spreading function to complete the spreading work. The spreading effect is accurate and smooth—never a need for manual spreading.

At this point, the operator can set the number of cuts according to the number of sofas required, and then click the “Start” button on the machine control panel. The machine starts cutting, and the number of cuts set by the customer is completed. During the continuous feeding and cutting process, the operator does not have to worry about the accuracy of how the cloth is conveyed. The AMOR automatic feeding system is equipped with a feeding correction function that ensures the accurate conveying of the cloth, avoids waste of the material caused by feeding error, and reduces the amount of energy that the operator must exert.


Years of experience in the application of sofa automation tells us that the AMOR1630 laser cloth cutting machine is a versatile device that not only meets the cutting requirements of customers’ small batches of sofas, but also meets the following needs of the sofa factory:

  • Marking function: After the sofa fabric is cut, in order to perform excellent sewing work, the worker needs to perform the scribing work on the piece to locate the sewing thread. The AMOR1630 automatic cutting machine can be equipped with a marker pen function to cut and mark the sofa pieces at one time to improve efficiency and reduce the workload of workers.


  • Sorting and cutting piece function: A set of sofas is composed of five parts, divided into three parts, single person, corner, armrest, and backrest, in order to improve the sewing work of the sofa, so labor is needed for the cutting process. Sorting the pieces is a very time-consuming task and requires experienced workers. So how do you make this job easier with AMOR’s sofa automation solution? Very simple. When we enter the template, we will manage the pieces of different parts separately, and then use different cuts to distinguish them. Different shapes of cuts, such as “U” type and “II” type, distinguish the pieces of different sofa positions, thus facilitating the work of dividing the pieces.
  • Pattern-making function: The traditional pattern-type printing uses an ink jet. This method of processing is slow, plus the ink needs to be replenished as well as other consumables. The laser can quickly cut the paper template, and the laser scanning function can be used to mark the name and information of the template on the surface of the kraft paper. The processing speed is very fast.
  • The function of the output truss: Before mass cutting the sofa, you must first use the ink jet to draw the pattern on the special paper with the width of the cut fabric and use the manual cutting. The output of a set of sofa trusses takes a very long time. The laser low-power cutting function can perform laser scribing on the surface of the fabric to be cut. The scribing speed is five times that of the ink jet. The cloth is laid on the surface of the cutting bed to help the cutting worker quickly cut the multi-layer fabric. It not only saves time, but it also saves money.
  • Automatic locking: The AMO1630 automatic cloth cutting machine uses the principle of laser cutting without any contact with the cloth during the whole cutting process. The cutting accuracy is high, unlike the cutting tool that comes in contact with the cloth and can cause the cloth to move and adversely affect the accuracy. In addition, the laser is a hot cut, which automatically locks the edge of the cut fabric during the cutting process, eliminating the need for manual seaming. The good automatic seaming function makes the production of the sofa cutting and sewing smoother because the automatic seaming function can prevent the sewing machine from malfunctioning, improving sewing efficiency.
  • Can cut a variety of sofa fabric: There is surface fabric, interior fabric, and bottom fabric. The AMO1630 automatic fabric cutting machine precisely cuts all three types of fabric.


If you have already purchased the AMO1630 automatic cutting machine and enjoy it, you can learn more about its powerful features.

If you haven’t yet implemented automated cutting of the sofa, or if you have chosen an automatic cutting solution, I hope this article helps you understand how to choose the best solution for your particular situation.

If you feel that your production status is a large number of small orders, or your annual production of sofas is around 5,000 sets, I sincerely encourage you to consider AMOR. We have five years of experience in the sofa industry with more than 500 in use worldwide. Our sofa factory is using AMOR’s automatic cloth cutting machine. We can provide you with important references and resources on how to avoid the waste of capital and energy from making the wrong investment.

The AMOR1630 sofa cutting solution is one of the best-selling models in the sofa manufacturing industry. It combines core technologies, such as automatic feeding, automatic deviation correction, three-dimensional dust removal, automatic cutting, and automatic material discharge. So far, this model has been updated to the fifth generation. It is a machine for the automatic cutting of sofas. The high quality of stability has been recognized by the majority of sofa factories. AMOR will continue to work hard to help automate more sofa factories around the world, creating intelligent factories and simplifying sofa cutting!