When you choose a laser welding machine, you must understand these 15 common problems:
1. What materials can be welded by a laser welding machine?
Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper, and other metal materials.
2. Can the laser welding machine weld a hot-dip galvanized sheet?
The laser welding machine can weld cold galvanized sheet and hot-dip galvanized sheet perfectly.
3. How about the strength of the laser welding machine?
When using a laser welding machine, ensure sufficient hot melt materials, and its welding strength is higher than that of traditional argon arc welding and gas shielded welding.
4. If there is a gap, can a laser welding machine be used?
It is recommended that the welding seam be controlled within 1.3mm, and an automatic wire filling system can be equipped.
5. Can the laser welding machine weld two different metal materials together?
Yes, even copper and aluminum can be welded together.
6. What is the thickness of the material that can be welded by the laser welding machine?
The penetration depth of single-sided welding can reach 4mm, which is suitable for welding 0.5-5mm metal materials.
7. What is the area of ​​the laser welding machine?
The footprint of the handheld laser welding machine is approximate: 1200mmX600mmX1300mm.
8. Can the laser welding machine fill the gap?
It can be filled, and the laser welding machine can be equipped with an automatic wire feeding system.
9. How powerful is the laser welding machine?
There are three powers of 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W. The greater the power, the greater the thickness of the material that can be welded.
10. Does the laser welding machine need shielding gas?
Requires nitrogen or argon.
11. Does the laser welding machine need to consume a large amount of shielding gas?
A laser welding machine can save 1/2 of gas compared with a traditional welding machine.
12. What are the advantages of laser welding machine?
The heat-affected area is small, the material deformation is small, the welding speed is fast, no grinding, no professional welding workers.
13. Does the laser welding machine need to be focused?
It only needs to be adjusted once during installation.
14. What consumables does the laser welding machine have?
Protect the lens and weld the copper nozzle, the price is very cheap.
15. Is mold repair possible?
It is not recommended to use laser welding for repair.