Let you understand how the CCD camera laser cutting machine cuts embroidery woven labels. Whether it is cutting a single woven label pattern or multiple different woven label patterns, it can be done at once. Achieving precise cutting of embroidery and weaving labels and improving efficiency.

Firstly,how to cut a single embroidery woven label pattern:
Step 1: Set the feature points of the pattern in the “feature editing mode” of the software, which is used for the CCD vision system to scan and identify the pattern. Choose the graphics, the pattern will be covered with red lines, delete the extra lines, and only keep the letters or a graphic on the pattern as the feature point. Here we have selected letters as the characteristic points of the graph;

woven label cutting machine

woven label cutting machine

Step 2:After the feature point setting is completed, set the cut graphic shape in the software’s “cut editing mode”, use the tools on the left side of the software to cutout the pattern captured by the CCD vision system, the line color is blue.The quality of the cutout directly determines the cutting effect, so this step must do well. After set the template, start cutting.
Tips here: If you are worried that there will be a tilt every time put the material, you can set the rotation angle in “Camera parameters” and choose “Match angle” in “Template settings”, so that even if the fabric is tilted, it will also easily identify and cutting .

Step 3: Measure the distance between the center positions of the two patterns. Fill in the data in the “Offset” of the software. Here we measure the distance 100mm, fill in “100”, and then in the “identification times” “Fill in the number of X-axis and Y-axis patterns below.
Here we need to cut one row, so fill in “3” on the X-axis and “1” on the Y-axis.
After complete the setting, click “match test” to carry out identification inspection to ensure the accuracy of identification and avoid the waste of materials.
After the test is correct, set the “laser power” and “cutting speed” in the “processing parameters” ,start cutting


After finished cutting, check the cutting effect: the cutting accuracy is very good, but the cut edge appears yellow.
because the blowing method is a small air pump, the blowing volume is small.

then now we will use the air compressor and see if the cutting effect become better.
Now the technician is connecting the air compressor …..

Let’s take a simple look at the software English interface. This software support multiple languages such as English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, etc., Very convenience for using.
Now test put the material tiltly ,see how the cutting is?
Amazing!! cutting accuracy is very good, cut edge is very clean!

Now, let’s show how to cut multi embroidery woven label patterns
Step 1: Set the template for cutting patterns. Here we need to cut 6 different patterns ,So need to set 6 different templates. Our technican have already started this job.



We plan to set the three patterns in the first row and cutting.
Ok, Done! Start the “matching test” to check whether the template is set successfully.
Ok, the template setting successful,
Before cutting, Here is a tipes:
Follow the video steps to set the overall offset of the graphic cutting contour and set the offset size to achieve perfect cutting

Finished setting up, Start cutting…..
Perfect cutting!
Now set the pattern template in the second line…

Done! Matching test and graphic offset setting, and start cutting…

Cutting effect is great.
After cutting the right side, we prefer to finish the two rows patterns on the leftside one time.

Very simple! Move the laser head to the woven label on the left side, Ensure the CCD vision system can capture the first pattern in the upper right corner. Then fill in “2” on the Y axis under “Identified Quantity” and click “Start”
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