If you want to engrave a beautiful photo on the wood, you need to complete three steps: select the photo, process the photo, and set the laser operating parameters. Only by doing these three points, you can achieve the best results.



The material used for engraving photos is white plywood with some texture on the surface. In order to improve the contrast and sharpness of the engraving effect, the picture needs to be processed into a sketch before engraving, and whether the picture is suitable for laser engraving can be judged based on the effect of the sketch picture. We use the following two pictures as examples.



First, determine the picture and software processing

1. Open the picture processing software and import the picture into it

2. Adjust the contrast of the picture

3. Click the “Art” button to turn the picture into a sketch

4. Adjust sharpness, enhance line contours, and save.process-the-photo02

Figure 1 The final sketch

After using another image, the effect turns to this:


We can compare the difference between picture 1 and picture 2. The outline of picture 1 is clear, and the contrast between the subject and the background color is high, which meets the requirements of laser engraving. However, the contour of Figure 2 is blurred, and the contrast between the subject and the background color is not enough, which does not conform to the laser engraving.

Second, set the laser operating parameters

Note: The following parameter is mainly used for standard parameters of 80W machines. If you are using other power lasers, the power and speed parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual laser tube wattage. And when using the standard head of the AMOR laser, the focal length must be aligned at 6mm.

After selecting the picture, we can set the engraving parameters.

First: The power is set to 8%

Second: The speed is set to 500mm/s

Third: Choose a blow to better protect the lens

Fourth: Since the plywood is a rough material, the engraving interval can be set to 0.08mm.

Fifth: Click BMP, the resolution is set to 1500, the frequency is set to 70,Set up BMP


This is a picture carved after the above processing, we can see that the effect is very good.



Now, let us summarize the points of laser engraving of plywood:

First: To select a picture with high definition and high contrast between the subject and background color;

Second: In the software to deal with the picture of the sketch effect

Third: Set parameters such as speed and power of laser work.