A set of sofa fabric automatic cutting solutions include systems: intelligent recording system, data management system, automatic nesting system, automatic feeding system, automatic cutting system.

Place the board in the specified area to ensure the flatness of the board. After the cardboard is placed, click on the camera button to take pictures. If the board is too large and beyond the scope of the camera, the board can be divided into two or more sections for input and stitching in the software. (In addition to using the high-definition camera to record paperboard, you can also choose to read the drawing board and scan the paperboard system with one key. If you want to understand, you can read: three different cardboard entry systems.)


Patterns entered into the computer:


Automatically generate vector graphics in the software, automatically identify the “V” shaped mouth, edit the name and quantity of the template, and modify the damaged part of the board. We have configured powerful patterns management software for customers. In addition to the above functions, the software also has other common functions for cutting sofa fabrics: splicing and cutting of two or more cardboard boards; changing the size of cardboard quickly, according to the different positions of the sofa. , Classified management of single, three, corner and other samples, any match.Management-of-sofa-paper-samples

The intelligent nesting function plays an important role in the sofa’s automated manufacturing and production. Especially in satisfying customers’ customized needs, it also saves time for the sofa factory and improves work efficiency (want to understand how to better meet customer customization needs, You can read the article: How does the furniture industry respond to the customization trend of customers?) The smart marker software is easy to operate. It only requires the customer to input the width of the fabric. The software will provide the customer with the best nesting program within 2 minutes. Compared with sleeves, not only save time, improve work efficiency, but also improve the utilization of fabrics, a set of corner sofas can save 5% than artificial nesting, reducing production costs. If you are producing a velvet sofa, the software can intelligently set the nesting direction so that the sofa parts cut in the same direction, reducing the defective rate of sofa fabric cutting.automatic-nesting

After the cardboard is nested, transfer the graphics to the machine control software, set the cutting speed of the machine, and the number of cuts. If you are using a laser series, then set the laser power. Of course, these settings are Regular, very simple, we will provide detailed training guidance after the customer purchases the machine. Finally, click on the “start” button on the machine to perform automatic cutting. The machine will automatically feed the material and it is very accurate. The error can be controlled within 1cm. Workers only need to sort the pieces. The marker pattern can be stored on the computer. The next time you use it directly, you do not have to re-enter and nest it.automatic-cutting

This is the process of automatic cutting of sofa fabrics: entry of cardboard, electronic data management, automatic nesting, automatic cutting, and processing. Compared with manual, the biggest advantage of using CNC automatic cutting equipment is that the work is simplified, many repetitive, technical work becomes one-time, and can be completed without the need of technology, such as nesting work, digital cutting and intelligent Software, more intelligent management of cardboard, do not need to repeat the nesting, only after 2 days of training you can master how to use the CNC equipment to produce sofas, realize sofa production automation (if you want to learn more about the advantages of automated production: read Article: How automated production solves production problems that give you headaches.)automatic-sofa-fabric-cutting