How to make a hippo 3D model by laser cutting machine?



The hippopotamus is a mammal on land that is second only to an elephant. Its body is huge and stupid. The Greeks call this powerful beast “the horse in the river,” and it leaves us with a unique impression. Today, we use laser cutting machines. Make a cute hippopotamus.


First, the materials that need to be prepared:
AMOR9060 (80W) laser cutting machine
A piece of plywood.

Second, use a laser to cut:laser-plywood-cutter The shape of the hippopotamus is very simple, we only need to draw graphics on the software, modify the size, and then transfer the graphics to the machine. Next, the laser machine started working. During the cutting process, the blow valve should be opened to keep the machine clean during the work and blow away fumes attached to the material.

Third, assembling parts:Assembly-modeling We first carefully removed the parts and placed them on the table to begin our assembly work. First, we assemble the hippo’s body part, then install the nose part, and finally install the sides of the body. Throughout the installation process, we can find the corresponding parts above the design drawings.

The last step, the work is completed:


Does it feel very simple? Laser cutting machine is such a magic, as long as you have a wealth of imagination, the laser can help you achieve.