Laser hybrid cutting machine is also called metal/non-metal hybrid laser cutting machine. Its biggest feature is that it can cut both metals and non-metals. The metal materials that can be cut by the mixed cutting machine include stainless steel, iron plate, galvanized sheet, titanium plate, etc., and the non-metallic materials that can be cut include acrylic, density board, wood, sponge, cloth, cardboard, etc.

Because of the powerful cutting ability and high cost performance, the hybrid laser cutting machine has won the love and choice of many customers. Common laser mixed cutting machine uses CO2 laser, the main power is 150 watts, 180 watts, 260 watts, 300 watts, etc. The greater the power, the thicker the cutting thickness and the faster the cutting speed!


However, due to the limitation of laser type and power, ordinary hybrid laser cutting machine can only cut stainless steel or carbon steel with a thickness of less than 2.5mm. The cutting speed is slow, and it cannot cut metal materials such as copper and aluminum. It is only suitable for small batches of thin plates. Metal cutting. So is there a more powerful hybrid laser cutting machine? It can not only meet the cutting of non-metallic materials, but also have more powerful metal processing capabilities.

Yes, AMOR1325 fiber/CO2 hybrid laser cutting machine is a more powerful hybrid laser cutting machine.

fiber laser and a CO2 laser tube

It is equipped with 1000W fiber laser and 150W CO2 laser, which can better meet the cutting of metal/non-metal materials. It can cut 0.5-6mm carbon steel plate, 0.5-4mm stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, 0.5-2mm Aluminum alloy, 0.5-2mm brass and copper and other non-ferrous metal materials. AMOR1325 fiber/CO2 hybrid laser cutting machine can also be used to cut non-metallic materials such as wood, plexiglass, acrylic, leather, and EVA foam.

6 advantages of AMOR1325 fiber/CO2 hybrid laser cutting machine:

1. Equipped with optical fiber and CO2 laser, it can cut metal materials and non-metal materials at the same time, with powerful functions;
2. Both the laser and the laser head adopt international brands, and the performance is more stable;
3. Precision Taiwan PMI rail drive system and imported Japanese Panasonic servo motor, with higher configuration;
4. A new generation of bed manufacturing technology, longer machine life;
5. The new aviation aluminum beam is lighter and the machine running speed is 2 times faster;
6. Save customers’ purchase cost and installation space: save the cost of buying two laser cutting machines, save electricity by more than 30%, and save space by more than 50%.