Felt materials type:
Felt, a common material used in industry, mostly made of wool, and also made of cow hair or fiber, which is processed and bonded. There are two types of use: industrial felts and handicraft felts. In the industrial aspect, because the felt is elastic, it can be used as a material for shockproof, sealed, cushioned and elastic wire felt base felts, and is applied to various industrial machinery – anti-vibration, oil-lubricated, anti-friction and other industries. Today, we mainly talk about the application and processing of felt in crafts.

Colored-felt Industrial felt material

Wool felt crafts originated in Europe. After centuries in Europe and America, it was popular in Japan, Taiwan and other places. Now it is a popular handicraft product. Wool felt crafts are rich in color, rich in shape, handmade DIY.
The advantages of being suitable for creation are loved by many fashion people and craftsmen. Due to the simple material, low price and easy plasticity of wool felt materials, felt handicrafts have been continuously innovated and developed. More and more handmade masters and production people have begun to use wool felt to make all kinds of cute handicrafts.

It can be seen that the use of felt is no longer a single warmth, and there is a wider use, which is now a mature market – the felt craft market.

The advantages of felt material: large elasticity, chemical resistance, flame retardant self-extinguishing, effective fire prevention. Wear-resistant, not easily damaged, and insulated. It is not easy to be deformed, convenient for folding and storage, good insulation, excellent shock absorption effect and high water absorption. Renewable resources, environmentally friendly materials. It is precisely because of these advantages of felt materials that felt is widely used in the manufacture of handicrafts: wool felt coasters, wool felt insoles, key chains, delicate coasters, backpacks, glasses bags, wallets, fashion handbags, tissue paper tubes, Key case, mobile phone case, notebook liner bag, tablet bag, cosmetic bag, etc. These handicrafts are suitable for commercial advertising promotion, gifts, economical and practical, and have certain advertising effects.


Different equipment for felt cutting:
There are two types of felt cutting machines: Die cutting machines and laser machines. The die-cutting machine uses different shapes of abrasive tools and then uses different pressures to cut the felt into different shapes. It is suitable for simple graphics and small DIY products. With the increasing creativity of felt making, the processing limitations of die-cutting machines are becoming more and more obvious, mainly in the following three aspects:
1. The processing width of the die-cutting machine is small: the processing width of the die-cutting machine is small, so before using the die-cutting machine, the whole roll of felt needs to be cut into small-sized felt blocks for processing and cutting, which affects the processing efficiency of the felt. Moreover, it cannot meet the cutting process of large-scale handicrafts, such as the production of large-scale Christmas pendants, felt bags, etc.;
2. The flexibility of the die-cutting machine is poor: it is processed by die stamping. The mold is mostly simple graphics, which can not satisfy the customer’s imagination, and requires a large number of abrasive tools, which seriously affects the customer’s desire to create felt crafts;
3. The processing precision of the die-cutting machine is poor: the die-cutting machine uses gravity to cut the felt. For some low-gram, soft felts, the phenomenon of sag will occur, and the processed product has poor flatness.
So how to better meet the customer’s creation of felt crafts? The customer’s rich imagination is no longer bound by cutting tools. We recommend another way of cutting felt crafts – felt laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machines are widely used in the processing and production of handicrafts. They are widely used not only in the felt handicraft industry, but also in other handicraft industries with rich shapes and high cutting precision requirements. A laser cutting machine focuses a laser beam emitted from a laser into a high-power, high-quality laser beam through an optical path system. The laser beam is irradiated onto the surface of the material to bring the workpiece to the melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam (the working pressure required for cutting the felt is 2 Pa) is used to assist the combustion to achieve a fast, high-quality cutting of the material. The movement of the position relative to the material ultimately results in the formation of slits for large-format, continuous cutting purposes.


Laser processing has three significant advantages over traditional tooling and die cutting processes:

1. Different configurations can be selected according to customer requirements: When selecting laser cutting machine, customers can choose different configurations according to different materials. The two most important configuration standards are the effective format of processing and the laser power. The processing width of the laser machine can be as small as 300mmX400mm, and the conventional format can satisfy the width cutting of 1800mmX3000mm. The laser power is divided into 25W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W and other different power. Customers can choose different configurations according to their processing needs to achieve the best cutting results and reduce the investment in production funds;

2、The operation is simple and the processing method is flexible: the laser cutting adopts the intelligent software operation control system. The customer first makes the graphic into the vector line form in CORELDRAW and AUTOCAD, and then saves it into the corresponding PLT and DXF format, and operates with the laser cutting machine. The software opens the file and can run the parameters such as energy and speed according to the materials we have processed.
3. The laser cutting machine has high processing precision: because the laser cutting process has no contact with the material and the cutting beam is thin, the laser cutting can meet the high-precision cutting of the material, which can not only satisfy the simple graphic cutting, but also you can complete the cutting of complex graphics.

So how is the laser cutting machine applied in the felt crafts industry?
1. Customers can choose different configurations of laser cutting machine according to their own processing requirements. The customer’s processing requirements can be divided into two situations. One is to cut small patterns specially, which is mainly used for manual DIY simple pattern cutting. Customers can cut the felt into a felt block and cut the felt with a small laser cutting machine. The laser model selected is AMO3050 laser. Cutting machine, low price, can meet the processing of felt DIY crafts; the other is to meet large-format pattern cutting, such as Christmas tree pendants, felt bags and other products, you can choose AMO1812 felt cutting laser machine, can achieve the whole roll of felt Cutting can meet the DIY handicraft cutting and the cutting of large felt products.

felt-flower-laser-cutting-machine felt-laser-cutting-machine
2. The customer chooses different powers of the felt laser machine. If the customer only needs to meet the DIY small felt crafts, the laser tube with 60W power can be selected, which can cut the felt material with low grams. If the customer needs Meet the felt bag, large pendant, felt coaster cutting, our experience tells us that the 100W power RECI brand laser tube is the best choice, because the 100W high power laser tube can fully meet the high number of felt products cutting, And the RECI brand’s laser tube has the best spot quality, even when cutting white felt, it can achieve the best cutting edge.

In the process of practical application of laser felt cutting machine, we found three advantages of laser cutting felt:
1. The flexibility of laser cutting can meet the different designs of customers: With the development of felt crafts industry, everyone is increasingly pursuing creative felt craft products, and the traditional cutting method has greatly affected the creative requirements of felt products. Laser cutting uses intelligent software operation, and compared with traditional tool cutting, the laser uses laser beam cutting, without any contact with the material, the customer only needs to input the design graphics into the computer to quickly cut, to meet the customer’s The pursuit of creativity. When you have a laser machine, you can limit your imagination.

2.The laser cutting machine can meet the different thickness of felt cutting: customers can set different laser power and cutting speed according to different thickness of felt material, which can not only meet the multi-layer cutting of thin felt, but also meet the fast decoration wall of 9mm felt. Cutting. Taking a 100W laser tube as an example, we cut the felt parameters of different thicknesses as follows:
1mm 3layers speed 130mm/s, power 45%
2mm 2 layers speed 110mm/s, power 50%
3mm 1 layers speed 100mm/s, power 45%
9mm 1 layers speed 45mm/s, power 60%

3. The laser cutting machine has low use cost, high production efficiency and simple operation: the laser cutting machine uses 220V voltage control, the power consumption per hour is only 1.5KW, the running cost is low, the laser cutting machine has strong stability, and can achieve 24 Continuous operation in hours, can meet the mass production and processing of felt products; felt laser machine is easy to operate, and one person can easily operate 2-3 machines.


Development of felt laser cutting machine:
The laser cutting machine has been used in the felt industry for more than 10 years. During the 10 years of use, the application of felt material has become more and more extensive, from the initial coaster and meal to today’s felt bag and storage. The box and felt hanging laser cutting machine has made many improvements according to the processing habits of the felt industry. Now the felt laser cutting machine can be said to consider both the processing efficiency of the felt and the best way of feeding the felt. So how does the laser cutting machine improve step by step in the felt industry?

The original laser felt cutter model was AMO1390, and the effective cutting format was 1300mmX900mm. It can meet the 1.05 wide felt roll cutting and is equipped with a single laser head to transport material from the back of the machine. This type of felt laser cutting machine can well meet the cutting of felt, but the processing efficiency is low, and the manual feeding is difficult;
The second generation of felt laser cutting machine is AMO1611, the effective cutting format is 1600mmX1100mm, and two laser heads can be used to transport materials not only at the back of the machine, but also to the material on the side of the machine, which meets the felt of 1.05 meters wide. Cutting can also be used to cut the ultra-wide felt roll. This generation of felt laser cutting machines is more efficient in terms of material discharge and doubles production efficiency;


Nowadays, the effective cutting range of the felt laser cutting machine is increased to 1800mmX1200mm, which not only increases the effective processing width, but also the transmission system has changed from the original square guide rail to the inner slide rail system which is more suitable for rapid cutting; the function of the laser machine has also been expanded. Not only can the rapid cutting of the felt be realized, but also the surface of the felt can be quickly scanned. For example, a decorative pattern or logo is engraved on the coaster, the placemat or the felt bag, which increases the aesthetics and propaganda of the product.

laser-felt-engraving felt-cutting-machine-with-laser

Laser cutting machines are widely used in the production of felt products. Whether it is felt DIY or large-scale production such as felt coasters, placemats, felt bags, etc., laser cutting machines can be selected. AMOR has a wealth of experience in the application of felt laser cutting machines. If you are looking for a product suitable for felt cutting, please contact us, we will provide you with the most professional felt laser cutting machine, which will really help you achieve better production.

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