Q: Can a laser cutter cut a MDF?

A: The laser cutter can cut the MDF. Due to the different materials of the MDF, not every MDF can be cut with a laser machine. Some MDFs contain too much iron debris, soil, and other impurities, which are not suitable for laser cutting. Other MDFs are not dense enough and are not suitable. Nowadays, the types of MDF that can be cut by laser cutting machines include Ozon board, poplar board and water washing board. Among them, Ozon board is the best.

Q: How thick is the laser cutting machine?

A: The thickness of the laser-cut MDF is related to the power of the laser. The greater the laser power, the thicker the MDF that can be cut. Commonly used MDF thicknesses are 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, etc.

Q: What is the speed of cutting?

A: The thickness of the laser-cut MDF is related to the laser power and the thickness of the plate. The higher the power of the same density board laser cutting the same thickness, the faster the cutting speed.
A 150 watt carbon dioxide laser cuts a 12 mm Ozon plate at a speed of 7 mm to 12 mm per second;
A 280-watt CO2 laser cuts a 12mm Ozon plate at a speed of 16 mm to 25 mm per second;


Q: Can the laser cutting machine draw lines on the surface of the MDF?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the speed of drawing a line?

A: The speed of the line drawn by the laser cutting machine is related to the structure of the machine itself. Generally speaking, it is between 100 mm and 500 mm per second. There are some mechanical limitations of the machine itself that may limit the line speed and idle speed to within 100 millimeters per second.

Q: What is the relationship between the width of the slit when the laser machine cuts the MDF?

A: It is related to the size of the laser spot and the focal length of the focusing mirror itself. It is also related to whether the cutting surface is in focus. The larger the laser power, the larger the spot size and the larger the cutting gap. Which power is most suitable, we have done a detailed comparison and research, you can contact customer service.

Q: What is the relationship between the thickness of the lines when the surface is drawn?

A: It is related to laser power, focal length of focusing mirror, whether it is in focus, laser brand, etc.

Q: Why is the laser cutting machine I use now that the line thickness is uneven?

A: One situation is that the platform of the machine itself is not flat or the plate is not flat, resulting in a change in the height of the laser head from the cutting surface. Another kind of laser itself is unstable in power, and is weak when strong.


Q: Why do I cut through the MDF when I cut it?

A: This situation usually occurs on small power laser cutting machines. This is the case when a 150 watt CO2 laser cuts a MDF, if the optical path is not adjusted or the machine platform is not leveled, and the power is reduced after the laser has been used for some time.

Q: Why is the cut surface of my machine cutting MDF very dark, and the powder is severe when rubbed?

A: It has a relationship with MDF material. It is recommended to try Osong board or other materials. When the Ozon board is laser-cut, not only the cutting speed is fast, but also the density board itself is high-density. After laser ablation, the surface is oiled to form a natural protective film. The surface is easy to wipe and moisture resistant.

Q: Why does my machine cut the MDF cut surface with small holes?

A: The density of the board itself is low.

Q: Why is my machine cutting MDF cut surface not vertical?

A: The machine’s light path is not adjusted and needs to be re-dimmed. The machine table is not flat and re-leveled.

Q: Why is my machine cutting MDF not completely cut through, and there is adhesion at the bottom?

Answer: The power of the machine drops, and a new laser needs to be replaced; the laser light path is not adjusted, and the light is dimmed; the MDF material is re-leveled;

Having said that, I think everyone has a better understanding of the laser cutting machine cutting MDF. The most widely used MDF cutting industry is the photo frame industry.

In the industry of laser cutting photo frames, our AMOR laser has accumulated a wealth of industry experience:

From the original 150-watt carbon dioxide glass tube to the later 220-500-600-watt multi-core, to the nearest 260-watt and 280-watt combined laser, the laser technology is getting better and better.

From the initial X-axis and Y-axis belt drive, to the later screw drive, rack drive, to the recent Y-axis double rack + X-axis belt that takes into account the cutting accuracy and line speed, the laser machine body movement mode More and more suitable for the industry of MDF cutting.