The CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine produced by AMOR laser factory is suitable for processing most non-metallic materials such as fabric, acrylic, wood, leather, paper, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic and marble; it can be widely used in advertising signs, architectural models, crafts Gifts, seal making, clothing, printing and packaging, industrial proofing and other industries.

MDF Laser Cutting

MDF (full name: density fiberboard) is a plate made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, prepared by fiber, applied with synthetic resin, and pressed under heating and pressing conditions. As a versatile material, MDF has a wide range of applications in furniture, building decoration, audio equipment, handicraft production and other industries. However, the use of conventional cutters to cut MDF is not only labor intensive, inefficient, but also difficult to process complex shapes, which has great drawbacks. In contrast, the use of AMOR laser engraving and cutting machine does not have these problems.

01-MDF-laser-cutting-machine 02-MDF-laser-cutter

Acrylic Laser Cutting

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is widely used in construction, advertising, transportation, lighting, medicine and other industries. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the CO2 laser cutting engraving machine usually has the following advantages: fast cutting speed, high flexibility, good quality, clean edges (no polishing required), easy operation and low cost.

03Arylic-laser-cutting-machine 04-arylic-laser-cutting

Wood Laser Engraving Cutting 

Wood is very common in life, and lovers who like wood must use wood to make all kinds of crafts. AMOR laser engraving and cutting machine makes wooden handicrafts, saying goodbye to the cumbersome steps of traditional handicrafts, can restore the realness of materials to the greatest extent, greatly improve the precision, and can also improve work efficiency.

05-wood-laser-engraving-machine 06-wood-laser-cutting-machine

Mobile phone casing laser engraving

In the laser application industry, it is not uncommon to engrave mobile phone cases, but with the advancement of the times, the style of mobile phone cases is more and more, using laser engraving and cutting machine to process customized mobile phone cases, which can be more personalized. To achieve high precision in engraving.

07Mobile-phone-casing-laser-engraving 08Mobile-phone-casing-laser-eaching

Glass Laser Engraving

Glass is an ancient building material that is common in home improvement. The glass engraved by the laser engraving machine can express the texture of the glass, and the engraved pattern is very beautiful.

09Glass-laser-engraving 10Glass-engraving-with-laser

Model laser cutting

Many friends who like models know that using a laser engraving and cutting machine to make a model is a good choice. It not only helps users improve efficiency, saves materials, but also allows us to say goodbye to hard-to-operate operations.

11Model-laser-cutting 12Model-laser-cutting-machine

Photo Engraving

Photo engraving is very popular in modern society. This is not just a laser engraving machine that can make memories never fade, but also gives you a retro feel. The effect of engraving photos with a laser engraving machine is extremely high, and the key to helping photos restore their true state is to save users more time and maximize value.

13Photo-laser-engraving 14-Laser-Photo-engraving

Cloth Laser Cutting

Cloth is very common in our lives. For example, clothes, refrigerator covers, etc. are all made of fabrics. Many people may not know that laser engraving and cutting machines can be widely used in clothing and fabrics. Cutting the fabric with a laser does not worry about the fabric becoming wrinkled or twisted. At present, more and more people use laser engraving and cutting machines to process and bring their crafts to the market, letting popular elements enter our lives!

15Cloth-laser-cutting-machine 16-laser-cloth-cutting-machine

If you want to know more about the laser cutting process, you can send an email, consult our staff, we look forward to your arrival!