As the fur processing market becomes more competitive and customer demand continues to increase. Automated cutting equipment such as plush laser cutting machines have been widely used.

Faux fur laser cutting machine

Faux fur laser cutting machine

How can I choose a suitable laser fabric cutting machine?

There are six factors to consider when choosing a suitable plush laser cutter:
1, the cutting seam is fine: the gap of the laser cutting is 0.10mm-0.20mm;
2, the cutting section is smooth: the laser cutting section is neat, burr method;
3, small thermal deformation: laser processing gap is small, fast, energy concentration;
4, the laser cutting method is flexible, suitable for the production of new products: when the design of the new product is completed, laser cutting can be performed;
5, save materials: laser processing using computer programming, you can automatically nest different shapes of products, improve the utilization of materials.

5 important configurations of plush laser cutting machine:

1. Use Taiwan PMI linear guide to ensure smooth, high speed and stable operation of the machine. The accuracy and service life of the equipment are guaranteed.

2, automatic nesting function. After the cutting pattern is designed, the software automatically formats the paper to reduce material waste.

3. Configure Singapore imported reflective lenses and focusing lenses. With anti-friction, high temperature resistance, no need to change frequently, reducing processing costs.

4, intelligent processing system. The laser changes the cutting speed according to changes in the curve and the line during the cutting process. Ensure that the edges of the cut are smooth.

5, the use of a closed water tank, with automatic constant temperature function, to ensure the stability of the laser tube for a long time.

The use of plush laser cutting machine:

1, can cut fur fur collar, artificial hair, fur vest, snow boots, fur shawl, fur ornaments;
2, suitable for shoe-like processing and cutting, shoe material hollow carved;
3, with CCD camera visual recognition system, cutting clothing stickers, weaving, trademarks, silk flowers.

5 advantages of AMOR fur laser cutting machine

1, the cutting effect is good: the cut is smooth, smooth, no zigzag, can directly cut paper, cloth, leather, etc.;
2, the laser tube uses the RECI brand – technology, good quality and long life.
3, advanced optical components: reflective lenses and focusing lenses are imported lenses.
4 The machine has excellent performance: equipped with automatic feeding system, it can work continuously 24 hours a day. Two independent laser cutting systems can work at the same time or independently, effectively improving the cutting efficiency of the laser.
5, the laser motion system uses Taiwan’s PMI linear square rail, with a strong hybrid servo motor to ensure a smooth operation.

The AMOR fur laser cutting machine adopts multi-head laser control technology, which not only ensures the uniform distribution of energy of each laser head, but also automatically adjusts the working surface of the laser head according to the width of the processed fabric, thereby improving the efficiency of laser processing.