Mixed laser cutting machine has unique advantages over ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine-it can meet the cutting of both metal sheet (stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium gold plate) and non-metal materials (wood, MDF, acrylic). Due to its low use and purchase costs, powerful functions and high accuracy, this machine is loved by many customers.

So, why can the mixed laser cutting machine not only meet metal cutting, but also cut non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, MDF? This is due to two important configurations of the mixed laser cutting machine.


First, the mixed laser cutting machine uses a uniquely designed laser cutting head;

This laser head is different from ordinary laser cutting heads. It is mainly used in CO2 laser cutting machines with power below 500W. It is equipped with an automatic focusing system that can accurately track the position of the focal point on the surface of metal plates to accurately cut metal materials. Mixed laser cutting head has a strong advantage in the application of high-power CO2 laser cutting machine. It can support up to 500W laser power. It adopts a dual-focus lens structure-long and short focal lengths. This can cut both metal materials and non-metals material.

Cutting head with induction system

Advantages of Mixed Laser Cutting Heads
1. There is a Z-axis transmission part, which can move up and down to accurately track the focus position.
2.using dual focus lens structure-long and short focal lengths, users can easily replace focusing lenses with different focal lengths, to achieve the cutting of different materials, without the need to repeatedly check the position of the focus.
3. Good sealing performance, can withstand high gas pressure when cutting metal.
4. The tapered cutting nozzle is used to increase the pressure of the gas, which is good for cutting metal sheets.
5. The cooling system of the focusing lens is air-cooled / water-cooled, which can prevent the lens from overheating.

Secondly, the mixed laser cutting machine uses a 280W or 300W high-power combined CO2 laser cutting system.

The high-power CO2 laser tube provides powerful energy for the mixed laser cutting machine to cut thin metal plates and thick non-metal plates. It adopts a beam combining device structure, which is convenient for mold forming design, installation, transportation and maintenance.
High-power CO2 laser tube has the characteristics of long service life, high output power, adjustable power range, and stable energy. 300W CO2 laser tube is the first choice of mixed laser cutting machine for cutting thick non-metallic plates and thin metal plates.

280W high power CO2 laser tube

Advantages of 300W high power CO2 laser tube:
1. Structure: Parallel design of double laser tubes, stable structure, high quality of output beam;
2. Process: Adopting advanced sealing technology, product performance is stable;
3. Composition: special gas formula, better discharge performance.

Applied materials and industries:
Mixed laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and other metal materials, as well as non-metallic materials such as acrylic, MDF, wood, plastic, leather, cloth

Mainly used in sheet metal processing, metal advertising word cutting, stainless steel kitchenware processing, advertising industry, sheet metal cutting, plywood knife mold processing and other industries.