With the development of the times and the improvement of people’s aesthetic requirements, as well as the emergence of new materials and new processes. In the sublimation printing garment industry, the traditional knife-cutting process has become more and more difficult to meet consumer demand for quality and individuality. As a result, a more flexible and smarter cutting process has emerged – CCD camera vision laser cutting.

CCD camera laser cutting machine features:

Large format visual positioning system and an automatic feeding system are adopted. Accurate recognition of image outlines and automatic cutting. CCD vision laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine carefully developed by AMOR. The machine is simple and easy to learn, the motion control algorithm is mature and stable, the cutting process is complete, and the human-computer interaction interface is friendly. It is suitable for intelligent identification and cutting of flexible materials.

Technical advantages of AMOR camera laser cutting machine:

▲Easy to operate; Compared with the same type of products, AMOR CCD camera laser cutting machine adopts high-pixel wide-angle camera, which shortens the distance between camera and work surface. It does not need disassembly and transportation. After receiving the machine, the customer does not need to assemble. use.

▲ No customer calibration is required; AMOR CCD camera laser cutting machine is equipped with the industrial-grade computer, which stores the required software and data in the computer. After receiving the machine, the customer does not need to do any calibration work and can be used directly.

▲ Large-format recognition; all graphics in the working format are matched and cut at one time, and the work efficiency is high.

▲ Automatically recognize images; automatically extract image outlines to solve the problem of deformation of flexible materials.

▲ High-pixel camera; standard 18 million pixels (optional 24 million pixels) high-performance Canon SLR digital camera.

▲Unique operation calculation; there are international leading graphic image recognition and localization algorithms.

▲Continuous cutting; equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic recognition, and continuous cutting processing, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.

CCD camera laser cutting machine application:

Trademarks, cloth stickers, printed clothing (jerseys, swimwear, sportswear, cycling wear), advertising banners and other image cutting industries.