AMO1610SC label cutting machine product advantages

1, intelligent label cutting control system, can be cut at any angle, along the edge and layer

The CCD series adopts the camera visual recognition system to realize the high-precision camera positioning and cutting function, which is mainly used in the cutting embroidery back chapter, and the labeling, badge, printing, clothing, leather, cloth toy industry;

2, CCD camera positioning and cutting, the world’s leading camera visual recognition system, can cut the unique CCD camera positioning and cutting function at any angle, research and development for various types of labels or clothing pattern batch processing

3, simple panel for user-friendly operation, intelligent and flexible button application with PC-side operating software
The intelligent and flexible button application and the PC-side operating software make the processing and production handy. Compared with the machines in the same industry, the working efficiency of the laser device is greatly improved!

Comparison of laser alignment intelligent cutting and traditional cutting process:

AMO1610SC CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine adopts advanced camera recognition system to realize high-precision camera positioning and cutting function. It is developed for batch processing of various labels to replace the inadequacies of traditional manual positioning and cutting, to achieve more precise and faster. Production needs.

1. Easily position the pattern. Adopting industry-leading recognition technology, it automatically tracks the edge cutting line or positioning feature points according to the edge chromatic aberration to realize automatic positioning and cutting. Completely solve the problem of manual alignment in laser cutting;

2. Achieve higher production efficiency. The fully automatic camera positioning and recognition system integrates laser technology, automation technology and artificial vision intelligent technology to provide users with powerful help in improving production and processing capabilities and achieving continuous and positive production efficiency.

3. High cutting precision. The realization of the fast continuous curve cutting function is due to the powerful data processing capability of high-end DSP technology, the targeted design of computer software and the perfect cooperation of precision mechanical systems. In the case of high-speed operation, the cutting straight line is not deformed at all, and the cutting curve is never distortion.