The AMOR Large Format Visual Laser Cutting System is a precision high-speed cutting system for flexible materials in the digital printing industry. The system uses an 18-megapixel camera system and advanced contour recognition processing software to automatically identify the edge contours of various printed graphics. AMOR digital printing automatic positioning laser cutting system is equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can realize fast and continuous cutting of various digital printing garments without any manual intervention. AMOR large-format visual laser cutting machine is suitable for soccer sublimation printed fabrics such as football clothes, swimwear and cycling wear. It is also widely used in lace, flags, tents and other industries.

3 advantages of AMOR digital printing automatic positioning laser cutting machine:
1, using a high-quality digital camera, can achieve a one-time recognition graphics range of 1800mmX1000mm. A wide-angle lens is also available, which can recognize the range of 1800mmX2500mm at a time.

2. For the position deviation in the cutting process, it has intelligent compensation algorithm: linear compensation, integrity compensation, and local proportional deformation compensation, thus ensuring the precision of cutting.

3, equipped with automatic feeding and automatic correction system, to achieve continuous, automatic cutting of digital printing fabrics, reducing the dependence of digital printing cutting on labor.

Advantages of a visual laser cutting machine for cutting sublimation fabrics:
1. Save the process: At least 8 processes are required for manual cutting of sublimation fabrics – manual spreading, printing layout, paper laying, manual electric cutting, cutting and sorting, cutting to printing workshop, digital printing machine Print the flower machine, manually lay the pieces to the hot packer, and manually arrange the pieces. It takes only 5 steps to use the visual laser cutting machine – the printing workshop directly leads the raw materials of the grey cloth, the printing paper of the digital printing machine, the thermal transfer machine into a roll printing cloth, the laser automatic edge-cutting and the manual sorting.

2, saving labor, improve efficiency: the use of visual laser cutting machine to cut sublimation fabrics, the production efficiency of a machine is equivalent to 3-4 personal work, more orders can be completed in the same time.

3, cutting standards, high accuracy: the use of visual laser cutting machine to cut the sublimation of the fabric, can achieve automatic locking of the edge, not spinning. Precision cutting, higher accuracy than manual, avoiding material waste.