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  • AMO6060-Co2-Galvo-Laser-Marking-Machine

AMOR150W 3D Dynamic focusing large format co2 laser marking machine

AMOR dynamic focus co2 laser marking machine is widely used in leather, clothing, wood and cloth pattern marking, compared with ordinary laser marking machine, it can meet the large surface (600mmX600mm) rapid engraving and cutting. Compared with traditional machining, laser processing has the characteristics of low cost, and the laser does not have any mechanical pressure on the material during the processing, so the precision of the cut product is high. In addition, the laser marking machine is equipped with intelligent control software that can cut any pattern and set the size of the pattern at will.

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Model AMOR100W/ AMOR150W
Laser wavelength 10.64μm
Laser power 100w~150w
Marking range 200×200mm~600×600mm
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
Mark the smallest character ﹥0.3mm
Repeatability 0.003mm
cooling method Circulating water cooling

CO2 dynamic focus laser marking machine is widely used in marking graphics on leather, clothing and fabric surfaces, large-format leather engraving and cutting, acrylic material cutting, graphic marking on large-scale wood crafts, and other non-metallic materials marking and cutting.

Dynamic large-format laser marking machine equipment: Suitable for most non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, acrylic, etc.

Dynamic large-format laser marking machine equipment application industry: leather products, clothing industry, wood products industry, craft gifts, packaging industry, greeting cards.

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