AMO1610SC CCD Laser Cutting Machine for Weaving and Trademark2020-11-06T09:39:14+00:00

Project Description

  • AMO1610-laser-fabric-cutting-machine-with-camera
  • CCD-laser-cutter

AMOR 1610SC Weaving and Trademark CCD Laser Cutting Machine

  • 400-600mm/s

  • 1600mmX1000mm or 1300mmX900mm working area

  • Recognition method: image recognition, template recognition or MARK point recognition

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Product Details:

AMOR 1610 CCD laser cutting machine specializes in cutting woven label and clothing label , Equipped with a high-definition CCD recognition system. Accurately identifies the outline of the pattern, which enables fast and accurate cutting of the woven label and clothing label. It can also be used with the Mark point positioning system to accurately cut oversized patterns.

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