AMOR 1625SAK Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine for Customize T-shirt and Suit2019-08-24T17:43:31+00:00

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  • AMOR 1625 Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine for Customize T-shirt and Suit
  • AMOR 1625 Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine for Customize T-shirt and Suit

AMOR 1625 Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine for Customize T-shirt and Suit

AMOR CNC fabric cutting machine is especially suitable for cutting pinstriped fabric and suit fabric. It is widely used in the apparel industry for small order production or customizes order making. Automated cutting of pinstriped fabric, suit fabric and shirts. The single layer fabric is cut using a numerically controlled circular blade and the multilayer is cut using an oscillating knife. Intelligent typesetting, saving cloth up to 3-5%.

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AMO1625 CNC fabric cutting machine technical specifications

Model AMO1625(standard), AMO9009/AMO12009F (customized)
The single cut maximum area 1600mmX2500mm Can cut rolls fabric continuously
Cutter types Round knife Vibrating knife V-shaped puncher
Machine size 3200mmX2400mm
Support image format DXF, PLT, AI, etc vector file
Cutting thickness 0.1mm-20mm
Connection Serial port, support offline operation
Motion Control System High-speed continuous loop DC Japan servo motor
Adsorption Vacuum adsorption
Vacuum pump power 7.5KW
Vacuum pump operating voltage AC380V/50HZ
Machine operating voltage AC220V/50HZ
Best work environment Temperature 0-40 degrees, humidity 20%-80% RH
Cutting speed 100-1500mm/s
Acceleration 3000-6000mm/s
Red dot pointer The red dot indicator allows you to have a visual reference to locate the starting position where the knife will cut.

A CNC fabric cutter for made to measure (MTM) clothing.
1. Equipped with a projection positioning system, which can be used to cut striped fabrics;
2. Quickly change the size data of the template to achieve automatic nesting.
3. Equipped with an automatic feeding system to realize the automatic cutting of fabric.

CNC fabric cutter for made to measure (MTM) clothing

CNC fabric cutter for made to measure (MTM) clothing


Why choose AMOR CNC blade cutter?2019-05-17T23:22:01+00:00
How to choose the type of blade?2019-04-21T04:56:23+00:00


What is the core technology of the automatic fabric cutting machine?2019-08-27T02:51:57+00:00

The two most important points of an automatic fabric cutting machine:

1, Cutting ability; 2, the accuracy of automatic feeding.

The cutting ability refers to the ability of the machine to cut through the material. Most CNC fabric cutting machines can be used as long as you choose high-quality accessories (laser tubes or knives). The most important thing is the accuracy of automatic feeding, because only the feeding precision can ensure the continuous cutting of the cloth cutting machine. If the feeding accuracy is low, it needs manual correction, resulting in high labor cost, low processing efficiency and waste of cloth.
Just like the machine worksite shown in the video below, one machine needs three people to run normally, which can’t save labor and improve work efficiency.

This is why “feeding precision” is called the core technology of automatic fabric cutting machines. Compared with similar products, AMOR has its own automatic feeding system, automatic correction function, high feeding accuracy, and only one worker can operate AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine, making cutting fabrics so easy.

High feeding precision of AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine in the video below.

What problems can the automatic fabric cutting machine help customers solve?2019-04-21T04:10:11+00:00
Customer problems AMOR solutions
Increased number of customized orders has resulted in long production cycles and large workloads. Using intelligent nesting software to manage electronic templates, production is more flexible, changing the size and quantity of the pieces is simpler. Avoid repeated typography caused by sample changes;
Low efficiency and inability to deliver on time The working efficiency of one machine is equivalent to 2-3 workers, shortening the production cycle.
Increased material and labor costs, low product profitability Using intelligent nesting software, the nesting plan provided is 3%-5% less than labor;

The fabric can be purchased according to the nesting scheme provided by the intelligent software to avoid waste of procurement;

Cutting fabric with CNC fabric cutting machine, the defect rate is low, avoiding waste of materials;

The cost of using the machine is much less than the labor cost. For the specific cost calculation, please refer to the “cost of the use of automatic fabric cutting machine”.

Large manual dependence, difficult management, affecting company development The automated cutting solutions reduce the dependence of fabric cutting on workers, avoids the resignation of workers, and the absence of leave affecting the production schedule, allowing the company to develop better.
How to choose automatic fabric cutting machine?2019-04-21T04:13:35+00:00

Choosing the right automatic fabric cutting machine is very important for you, because a good fabric cutting machine can help you achieve more efficient production. If you choose the wrong one, Not only waste money, but also not make your cutting work easier and affect your production. So what factors should you consider when choosing an automatic fabric cutter?

Consider factors Machine technology data Explanation
Width of the fabric The machine cutting width If your fabric width is 1600 mm, the working size width of the machine should be >1600 mm.
The maximum length of the pieces The length of the machine cutting once a time (Ensures that the piece can be cut at one time) For example, the length of the largest piece you cut is 1400mm, then the length of the machine working size you choose should be >1400mm.
Material Leather, composite materials, etc., we recommend CNC knife cutting machine;

Elastic fabrics, fiber fabrics, silky fabrics, etc., we recommend laser fabric cutting machines;

Both machines are suitable for ordinary fabrics.

If you are with special cutting requirements, we recommend that the customer send the materials to us, we will test and recommend the machine according to the test results.
Material characteristics Thickness, hardness, elasticity, silkiness, etc. CNC Knife machine is suitable for cutting thick and hard materials;

The laser machine is suitable for cutting elastic, silky fabrics.

Production requirements The cutting efficiency of the CNC knife cutter is 2-3 times that of the laser fabric cutting machine.


The price of CNC Knife machine is 10,769-23,076 (USD)

The price of laser fabric cutting machine is 5,384-12307 (USD)

Total 1. The customers need to determine the working size of the machine according to the width of the material and the length of the largest piece;

2. The customers need to determine the type of machine based on fabric characteristics and production;

3. Customers need to choose the right machine configuration according to the budget.

If you want to get your own solutions, please contact us, we will recommend a suitable cutting machine for you.

How to cut fabrics with a CNC fabric cutter?2019-04-18T09:04:11+00:00

Steps to manually cut the fabric:
First, lay the cloth on the workbench;
Then, use chalk to draw the shape of the piece on the surface of the cloth;
Finally, cut the fabric according to the shape you have drawn.

If you use a CNC fabric cutting machine, how to cut the fabric?

First, you need digital piece data; if you only have a paper template, you can use a digital conversion tool (available from AMOR) to turn paper templates into electronic data. Accuracy 1:1;
Second, use smart nesting software to set the size, quantity, and name of the electronic template. Then automatic nesting;
Finally, the nested graphics are transferred to an automated fabric cutter. Start automated cutting.

Compared with manual cutting fabrics, the advantages of CNC fabric cutting machines:
1. Automatic nesting is completed within 1-2 minutes, and the nesting scheme provided can save 3%-5% of the fabric than manual labor;
2, using an automatic fabric cutting machine to cut fabrics, standards, low defect rate;
3, a set of templates only need to be nested once, without repeating nesting like manual cutting, saving working time.


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