AMO 1625AK Automatic cutting machine for fabric/textile with CNC blade2020-11-21T03:06:43+00:00

Project Description

  • BK1625 CNC mašina za rezanje

AMO1625K automatic fabric cutting machine with CNC blade

  • 1600mmX2500mm

  • 100-1500mm/s

  • Tool Type: Electric Oscillating Knife, Circular Knife, Drag Knife, V Slotted Knife, Pneumatic Oscillating Knife, Brush Tool

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Product Details:

Efficient and automatic cutting of leather and various fabrics. Multi-functional cutting tool design, highly integrated multi-group machining tools, interactive cutting, V punching and scribing in one working; Powerful nesting and counting system can be done Automatically nesting and accurately calculate the material, thus accurately calculating the cost, accurately controlling material distribution, and realizing the digital zero inventory strategy.

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