Project Description

AMOR leather automatic nesting software description

1, Computer automation management  save process and time

According to the quantity of orders strictly, it can make any amount of  pieces optimize the layout automatically on different shapes leather. So process and a  lot of manpower can be saved to make enterprises get more profit.

2, Process of production reduce dependence on skilled masters.

Crane leather Making System can make management to be transparent and production on the basis of process.

Not only  it can supply great creative space to making masters, but also it can realize computer intelligent making  and reduce dependence on skilled masters to make enterprises have more  competitive strength.

3, Automatically making and many kinds of making mode

User can choose take a photo or several pieces which have been photoed and saved to real-time projection (optional) make, can choose many kinds of making mode. You can choose parts of samples needed or all samples same yard to be made automatically. You can also choose samples which have been made be fixed and follow-up samples be made automatically. You can set samples to be made in fixed direction or whirl freely. At last, you should save making picture and print barcode label to distinguish samples of making pictures. And you can generate making reports which include utilization, numbers of every samples making and so on.


4, support multiple pieces of leather making at the same time


5,support identification for incomplete pieces. Pieces Partition according to importance of position.


7, powerful compatible , import and export function

It can import or export PLT、DXF files ,support gradding dxf format,directly and can be compatible with Crane photography input software perfectly. Super Version can support export GCODE(CNC file).

 8, support any shapes character and character stepping aside handling