Project Description

Laser Cutting auxiliary system 1: Air Blowing System

The role of air blowing during laser work:

  • Assisted laser processing to enhance the penetrating power of cutting;
  • Better protection of the focusing mirror, extending the life of the focusing mirror;
  • During processing, the material is cooled to make the cutting edge smooth.
  • Tips: In the process of laser cutting or engraving, it is not the greater the amount of gas, the better. It needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of different materials and cutting effects.

Introduction of two types of air blowing machine:

Air pump:

Can provide a smaller amount of blowing, mainly used for a surface sculpture of objects, or thin plate, paper cutting;

Air compressor:

Provides more compressed air than a normal air pump to prevent combustion of flammable materials. It is usually used for laser cutting thicker materials. Due to the great pressure of gas blown out, it can take away a lot of smoke produced by cutting in time, which greatly reduces the blackening of the cutting surface. It is recommended that customers use when cutting flammable materials or materials with a thickness of 10mm or more.

When the high-pressure air compressor compresses air, it also compresses the moisture in the air. Compressed water vapor is transported along with the compressed air into the laser head. If not treated, this moisture will collect on the focusing lens, affecting the penetration rate of the focusing lens and damaging the lens. Therefore, we need to add a water separator to the air compressor to filter the water and increase the purity of the compressed air.