Project Description

  • CO2-laser-marking-machine
  • co2-laser-marker
  • CO2-laser-engraving-macine

AMO CO2 Laser Marking Machine with RF Tube

  • 100X100,200X200,300X300(mm)

  • ≤7000mm/s

  • The CO2 laser marking machine can engrave various non-metal materials, and is widely used in craft gifts, leather clothing, towel logo, advertising signs, model making, food and drug packaging, glasses, buttons, crystals, label paper, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood Products, jade, jade, packaging and printing, clothing embroidery, shoe upper hollowing, etc.

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5 advantages of AMOR CO2 laser marking machine:

1. High quality: using high-performance metal radio frequency CO2 laser, stable performance, service life up to 20,000 hours;

2. High efficiency: good spot quality, high photoelectric conversion rate, fast processing speed, 5-10 times that of traditional laser marking machine;

3. Low cost of use: no consumables, no complicated maintenance, 500-800W power consumption per hour;

4. Applicable to different processing environments: small size, maintenance-free, air-cooled cooling, good airtightness, suitable for working in harsh environments;

5. Easy to operate: Equipped with an intelligent operating system, AMOR provides customers with detailed installation and use tutorials, allowing you to easily learn how to operate the machine.