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AMO CO2 laser marking machine with RF tube:

The machine is suitable for marking a large number of non-metallic materials such as paper packaging, plastic products, label paper, leather cloth, glass ceramics, plastic resin, bamboo products, PCB boards and so on. With CO2 RF laser, the life span is as long as 2 to 4 million hours, marking fast speed and fine lines.

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The features of  AMO20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

RF-laser-generatorUS RF laser:
stable performance, reduce the failure rate, life 45,000 hours. With the advantages of no adjustment, maintenance-free and high stability, this is unmatched by the glass tube.

Lifting wheel control handle:

Manually control the handle to accurately adjust the rise and fall of the platform.

Laser-Marking-System-working-platformWork platform with the positioning device:

Customers can rapidly place the products that need to be marked through the positioning device on the platform, no need for troublesome manual positioning, improve work efficiency, and very user-friendly design.

Laser-Marking-System-Field-MirrorImport field mirror:

Gathering the light from the oscillating mirror on a plane improves the quality of the beam and makes the transmitted laser energy strong. (Reminder: Pay attention to the range of marking at the time of purchase. Determine according to your own needs. Do not blindly ask for a big size. Do not blindly pursue prices.

Laser-marking-system-control-cardThe select brand control card:

We can accurately convert the text patterns we draw on the computer into analog signals or digital signals and then transmit them to the vibration mirror to ensure the accuracy of data transmission. Supports flight marking and rotary marking.

Laser-marking-system-integrated-structureIntegrated structure:

The core device integrates the built-in settings to save space and provide a good customer experience.

Laser-Marking-System-High-Speed-GalvanometerHigh-speed vibration mirror:

The vibration mirror is an important factor in determining the quality of the marking. It is small in size, accurate in installation and capable of working in a harsh working environment. It has a high tolerance to dust, vibration, impact, humidity, and temperature. With high precision, high repeatability of positioning accuracy, high marking work speed.

Laser-Marking-System-Red-PositioningRed light positioning:

It not only locates the starting point, but also positions the marking area of the entire graphic, making it easier to align and simulate marking

Automatic-feeding-platformAutomatic feeding platform:

By setting the frequency of marking and feeding, through the perfect combination of the two, batches of automated marking are achieved, and the number of printing lines is automatically incremented.

Rotary-aidRotary aids:
By rotating, the distance between the object and the galvanometer is kept unchanged, and the fine marking effect is guaranteed. Mainly fast marking for cylindrical or curved objects.
   X-Y-axis-motion-platformCross Sports Platform:
Solved the large area of the object marking and the field lens is too large will damage the marking accuracy. Through the movement of the platform, a large area of engraving is achieved using a small field mirror.
AMO30W  RF laser marking machine technical specifications
ModelAMO 30W Optional:30W/50W
Marking area110×110( Standard)  Optional:150×150mm,180mmX180mm
Lift height150mm
Minimum line width0.01mm
Minimum focus spot0.01mm
Minimal marking character0.03mm
Power adjustment range10 ~100%,The output power of this device can be controlled by software
Repeat frequency adjustment range20~80KHZ
Marker depth0.01~0.2mm
Scanning speed7000mm/s, 1mm high English alphabet 150 characters/s
Printing directionFreely adjustable X, -X, Y, -Y and any arc direction freely set in the WIN interface
The printed serial numberAutomatically incremented: serial number, batch number, automatic date, etc.
Number of fontsMore than 140 kinds of fonts, you can add the customer’s own font according to the customer’s requirements, easily print positive / inverted characters
QR code printingQRCode、Code 39、Code 128、PDF417、DatyaMatrix21 types such as round dots and squares
Laser service life45,000 hours
Continuous working time24hours
Colling systemAir-cooled, without water cooling
Input power220V±15%、50 Hz±3%、Power consumption <500W
Rotating:Worktable rotation or laser rotation when printing workpiece
Friendly operation interfaceMarking software allows personalized WINDOWS user interface settings to meet the user’s personalized use requirements; use AUTOCAD, CARODRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other software to design the company’s Logo converted into PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc., can be printed directly, directly Use SHXT, TFF fonts, encoding.
Print input methodManual free input, barcode scanning, reading the data transmitted from the upper computer or internal network information, and reserved network interface.
Red light positioning functionThe red mark indicates the marking content and the user can quickly adjust the printing position
Automatic memory functionset the state, serial number, automatically restore the state at the next boot, does not require initialization and work, at the same time with automatic inspection, warning function.
Data recordPrinted data records are automatically stored in the database and can be retrospectively queried
Common functions of the softwareFrequency adjustment: Off activation; Laser start/end function; Text or graphics rotation or mirroring; Cyclic marking; Stretch compression of text or graphics.
CO2 laser marking machine can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials. Used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries. Typical application cases, such as laser marking of packaging boxes, coded printing of paper products, etc.

The advantages of laser marking:

As a modern precision machining method, laser marking machine technology has the following advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing, and printing.

  1. The use of laser processing methods, there is no processing force between the workpiece, has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force, small thermal impact, to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, it has a wide adaptability to materials and can produce very fine marks on the surface of various materials and has very good durability.
  2. The spatial controllability and time-controllability of the laser are very good, and the degree of freedom of the material, shape, size and processing environment of the processing object is large, and it is particularly suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing. And the processing method is flexible, which can not only meet the needs of the laboratory-based single design, but also meet the requirements of industrial mass production;
  3. The laser is finely scribed, the lines can reach the order of millimeters to micrometers, and it is very difficult to copy and mark the marks made by laser marking technology, which is extremely important for product anti-counterfeiting;
  4. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form highly efficient automatic processing equipment. It can produce a variety of characters, symbols, and patterns. It is easy to use software to design marking patterns and change the contents of markings to meet the requirements of modern production with high efficiency and fast pace.
  5. Laser processing has no pollution source, and it is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology;
Machine work site pictures
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine01Awesome!! Thanks AMO, not only because the machines are good, but more importantly they helped me .because my workers left at the time and my order could not be completed. Thank AMO for helping me in time.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machineAMO asked me to comment on their machine. I thought for a moment. I think they gave me the deepest impression: professionalism.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine00I was producing sofas in Dubai. I came to China in June 2017 to inspect equipment for automatic cutting. I inspected a lot of manufacturers, but in the end, I chose AMOR because I think they were very professional and they took me to visit a lot of sofa factories. I saw the work of the machine in the sofa factory, really good.

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