Project Description

Laser auxiliary system: Cooling Protection System

The role of laser processing:

The working principle of the chiller is to first inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank, cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, and then send the low-temperature cooling water into the equipment to be cooled by the water pump. The chiller cooling water takes the heat away and the temperature rises. High back to the water tank, cooling effect. Cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to requirements, long-term use can save water. Therefore, the chiller is a standard energy-saving device. Currently used mainly in laser cutting machine equipment, it can accurately control the temperature required by the laser cutting machine equipment, thus ensuring the normal operation of the laser cutting machine equipment.

How to choose a chiller:

The important choice is based on the power of the laser tube:

Generally, lower than 80W power laser tube can choose direct cooling of water pump;

100W can use CW3000 model;

130W, 150W, 180W is recommended to choose CW5200 model;

More than 260W power selection CW6000 chiller.

Tips: When the chiller is in use, pure water is used to extend the service life of the laser tube. If the temperature is below zero, antifreeze must be added