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AMO6040 Desktop Laser Engraving Machine :

A cheap laser engraving machine for small gifts and DIY handicraft carvings. The surface of many materials can be sculpted. If you want to have an unparalleled fine-grained laser engraving, but also want to invest less money, then the AMOR Desktop series is definitely your first choice to meet all your ideas for laser engraving.

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The Features of AMO6040 Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

Cheap-laser-engraving-machineBox type compact structure

Box structure design minimizes machine footprint.

Power-supply-stripWith Power supply strip

The machine itself has a power strip, which simply connects the machine power supply to the factory power supply for easy installation.

Accurate-rise-and-fall-systemAccurate rising and falling control

It can move freely, with high speed, low noise, and high precision. It can effectively manage the interior space of the machine to meet the carving of objects of different heights.

Axial-FanAxial Fan

High speed, low noise, good suction effect, injection molding process, one-time molding, durable.

ToolboxNecessary toolbox

Necessary tools and spare screws required by the machine are provided to facilitate the installation and use of the customer.

Installation-IDInstallation ID

With the installation instructions, you can quickly complete the installation of the machine parts.

laser-headLaser engraving head

Can adjust the focal length of the laser head vertically to achieve the best processing results, good wear resistance, using casting process, can be used for life.

low-power-laser-tubeBrand Laser Tube

With ultra-fine laser beam to meet the needs of fine engraving, stable performance, reliable quality.

Mirror-frame Laser conduction

Excellent laser transmission, Singapore imported optical lenses, high reflectivity.

Operation-panelOperation panel:Easy to learn operation panel.
Scientific-wiringScientific and neat wiring
An electrical engineer with a doctoral degree designed the scientific wiring to ensure that the circuit the machine is operating on is stable, and it also makes the maintenance of the machine more convenient in the later period.
Inner-slide-for-laser-rapid-cuttingHigh-speed inner slide structure
Meet the rapid movement of laser cutting fabrics, making the process more smooth.
platformDifferent types of work platforms:

Customers can choose different cutting platforms according to their own needs.The blade platform is mainly for the cutting of the sheet, reducing the contact area between the material and the machine. Increase the penetration of the laser; The honeycomb platform has a strong adsorption, As long as the cutting is for flexible materials, the flatness of the material during processing can be guaranteed.

Rising-and-falling-platformUp&Down function:

mainly for cutting or carving high-height objects, According to the height of the object, the height of the lifting platform can be set to obtain enough working space.


Two different types of rotation aids:

Three-jaw aids are mainly for wood, The overall sculpture of the cylinder and other cylinders;

Four rounds are mainly for glasses, Cylindrical engraving of glass bottles, etc.

laser machineRed light positioning and machine warning lights:

used to assist customers to use, simplify operations, Since the laser is non-visible light, red light positioning can mark the starting position
of the laser work for the customer. Make the operation more simple, warning lights, when the machine fails, the automatic alarm, Remind customers to do the necessary maintenance.

AMO6040 Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Technical Specifications

Working area600mmX400mm,
Cutting headAluminium oxide for lifetime use
Optical systemThree mirrors, one focusing lens, imported from Singapore, high light reflectivity, good focusing effect, focusing lens focal length 63.5.
Laser tube80W, 60w,40W,25W
Ammeter is controlledbetween 20-30
Control System:RD V8,
Support picture format :DXF, PLT, AI vector file
ConnectionConnection: Serial port, support offline operation, USB file
Motion Control SystemHigh Speed Continuous Loop DC Stepper Motor
Adsorption Vacuum adsorption
Exhaust fan powerBottom exhaust fan:2X0.75KW
Fan operating voltageAC220V/50HZ
Machine operating voltageAC220V/50HZ
Best work environmentTemperature 0-40 degrees, humidity 20%-80% RH
Cutting speed50-650mm/s
Cooling systemWater pump or chiller, according to the power of the laser tube, 80W below the recommended use of water pumps, more than 80W recommended the use of different specifications of the chiller CW3000, CW5200, CW6000, chiller Features: Sealed, industrial grade chiller, can achieve 24 hours of continuous work Internal circulating water can be used for 15-20 days.
Working platformCustomers choose different cutting platforms according to cutting requirements: blade platform, honeycomb platform, and can also add up and down lifting functions and rotation auxiliary functions as required.
Auxiliary gasAccording to different materials, different air blowing rates are used. Generally, it is recommended to use air when cutting wood, but in order to pursue cutting effect when cutting acrylic, the smaller the amount of gas, the better; if the engraving is recommended to select a small air blowing, the engraving effect is better.

laser-paper-cutting-machine  laser-photo-engravingBamboo-tube-laser-engravingcraft-laser-engraving

CO2 laser cutting machines are widely used. The following is a summary of some materials based on the capabilities of laser machines. You can use this table to find out if your own materials are suitable for laser cutting machines. Of course, to find out more about the effects of more specific laser cutting, please contact us and we will give you the most professional guidance and advice.

MaterialLaser CutLaser Engrave
Acrylic (PMMA)YesYes
Anodized AluminumNOYes
Coated MetalsNOYes
Composite materialYesYes
Matte BoardYesYes
Painted MetalsNOYes
Polyamide (PA)YesYes
Polycarbonate (PC)YesYes
Polyethylene (PE)YesYes
Polyester (PES)YesYes
Polyimide (PI)YesYes
Polyoxymethylene (POM)YesYes
Polypropylene (PP)YesYes
Polystyrene (PS)YesYes
Polyurethane (PUR)YesYes
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)YesYes
Machine work site pictures:
Car seat cover laser cutting machine customer04Car seat cover laser cutting machineCar seat cover laser cutting machine customer01Car seat cover laser cutting machine customer02
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine01Awesome!! Thanks AMO, not only because the machines are good, but more importantly they helped me .because my workers left at the time and my order could not be completed. Thank AMO for helping me in time.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machineAMO asked me to comment on their machine. I thought for a moment. I think they gave me the deepest impression: professionalism.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine00I was producing sofas in Dubai. I came to China in June 2017 to inspect equipment for automatic cutting. I inspected a lot of manufacturers, but in the end, I chose AMOR because I think they were very professional and they took me to visit a lot of sofa factories. I saw the work of the machine in the sofa factory, really good.

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