AMO1630A Fabric/Textile Laser Cutting Machine for Upholstered Sofa2019-11-27T05:11:12+00:00

Project Description

  • AMO1630A-Fabric-Laser-Cutting-Machine

AMO1630A Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Feed

  • 1600mmX3000mm

  • 400-600mm/s

  • Sofa, faux fur, clothing, filter cloth, leather, etc.

  • Automatic nesting, automatic feeding, automatic cutting-save workers and improve efficiency

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Product Details:

AMOR 1630 automatic fabric cutting machine, with advanced motion control system and patented design structure, can cut the largest piece size of 1600mmX3000mm at a time. Equipped with automatic feeding system and automatic correction system, continuous, rapid and accurate cutting is achieved for roll fabrics. The intelligent operation software can quickly and automatically nest the cutting graphics, improving material utilization and work efficiency.

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