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AMO1530MF Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

It can carry out non-deformation cutting of any hardness material such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy, etc. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, narrow kerf, and small thermal deformation. Laser processing is non-contact cutting, flexible, can process arbitrary graphics, can also cut a pipe and other profile.

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The Features of AMO1530 industrial Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
fiber-laser-cutting-machine-bed00Heavy load bearing machine bed

1.  Aviation level Aluminum alloy high strength beam.

2. The aviation level aluminum alloy is light. Acceleration is fast.

3. Segmented welding bed, improve bed stability, prevent bed deformation.

4. High precision CNC fixed the working table.

fiber-laser-working-tableWorking table

The triangular cutting platform is adapted to effectively reduce the contact area between the metal plate and the platform, effectively preventing the cutting deformation caused by the heat of the platform and the phenomenon that the laser generates a burst point during the cutting process, thereby ensuring the cutting effect.

IPG-fiber-laser-generatorIPG fiber laser generator

1.IPG 500W/1000W fiber laser module.

2.Low energy consumption: save energy and protect the environment.

The 3.photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%.

4. Lifetime is more than 100000 hours.

Metal-follower-laser-cutting-headAutomatic Focusing Height Follower

1. The automatic sensor senses the capacitance from the tip of the isolated cutting nozzle to the metal being cut.this data is then fed into the height follower controller.

If the metal sheet has wavy surfaces, the focus height follower can ensure the constant distance between the focusing lens and the plane of the metal sheets to be cut, so that consistent cutting quality can be achieved.

3. It can avoid defects caused by wavy metal surfaces and also avoid the damage of the nozzle head.

Optical-transmission-systemOptical System

1.Fiber transmission, no need to adjust reflect mirrors, the optical path, and laser source.

2, Laser beam is fixed and only focused on one focus mirror to the cutting material surface.

rack-and-pinion-and-ball-screwRack pinion and ball screw

1.Taiwan Hiwin guide rail

2. Grinding level Taiwan APEX double rack for Y-axis.

3. Grinding level Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis.

Sheet-metal-laser-cutting-drive-system00Drive System

1.X\Y axis adopts Japan YASKAWA servo motor system and drives system. Z axis adopts Japan Panasonic servo motor drive.

2. Match-able with transmission system improve cutting speed and precision

3.Double drive and motor for Y-axis

fiber-laser-control-tableControl panel  

1.Cypcut Control system with the English language;

2.Software with flying cutting mode for same small design. It saves time.

3.With nesting function for saving materials.

fiber-laser-cooling-systemIndustrial chiller      

Toni Water cooling system, the temperature of the refrigeration unit in digital chart shows, while water temperature more than a specified temperature, it will automatically refrigeration; while water temperature below a specified temperature it will automatically stop.

IPG-fiber-laser-generatorDifferent brands of fiber lasers

1, According to the actual cutting requirements, matching different power fiber laser generator: 500W/1000W;

2.Laser brand:IPG from Germany; Raycus from China;

3.Laser power:IPG Germany;Raycus from China.

Round-pipe-cutting-aidRound-tube-fiber-cutting Square-tube-fiber-cutting

Round tube / square tube auxiliary cutting

If you need to cut around a tube or square tube, you can add a rotation aid with a maximum cutting diameter of 200mm.

AMO1530 industry fiber laser cutting machine technical specifications

Machine Description:Fiber 500W/1000W
Co2 Working size1300mmx2500mm;1500mmX3000mm
Fiber working size:1300mmx2500mm;1500mmX3000mm
X,Y,Z axis range:2525mm/1325mm/100mm;1525mmX3025mmX100mm
Fiber laser power:IPG/Raycus 300/500W/1000W
Max speed:20m/min
Max cutting speed:35mm/s
Repeat positioning accuracy:±0.03mm
Workbench maximum load100kgs
Laser Head: Auto3tech Untouched following system
Servo motor:Japan YASKAWA servo motor/ Panasonic
Ball screw:Taiwan TBI ball Screw
Guide rail:Taiwan Hiwin guide rail
Cooling system:Industrial chiller
Control system:Auto3tech system/ Cypcut
Total power:≤6KW
Gross weight:4500kgs
Package size:4600mm*2450mm*1700mm

Fiber laser cutting machine installation process shows:

The main engine part consists of the bed, the moving part, the electrical control part, the auxiliary part. The control system operates the three-axis movement part to drive the cutting head to achieve stability, precision and high-speed motion. The X and Y axis adopt the precision linear guide of the original import. The worktable adopts the overall welding of the square pipe, and the stress treatment of the annealing can be reduced to 500KG. It is equipped with a universal ball bearing and is equipped with a clamping device with a completely enclosed dust proof device. The precision positioning parts, such as photoelectric sensors, are used to effectively guarantee the transmission accuracy

We inspect all spare part before assembling. Any bad spare part will send back part suppliers. Strictly quality control in assembling.


Metal laser cutting machine installation shop:



Fiber laser cutting machine cutting different metal sheet work videos:

500W/1000W Fiber laser cutting machine cutting capacity reference table:

MaterialsCutting thickness mm1000WCutting speed m/min500W Cutting speed m/minAuxiliary gas
Carbon steel1168oxygen
81.03mm thickness 2.1
120.64 mm thickness1.2
Stainless steel0.5241mm thickness7.2 nitrogen
331.5mm thickness  3
50.92mm thickness  1.8

Machine work site pictures:

Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine01Awesome!! Thanks AMO, not only because the machines are good, but more importantly they helped me .because my workers left at the time and my order could not be completed. Thank AMO for helping me in time.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machineAMO asked me to comment on their machine. I thought for a moment. I think they gave me the deepest impression: professionalism.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine00I was producing sofas in Dubai. I came to China in June 2017 to inspect equipment for automatic cutting. I inspected a lot of manufacturers, but in the end, I chose AMOR because I think they were very professional and they took me to visit a lot of sofa factories. I saw the work of the machine in the sofa factory, really good.

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