Project Description

Intelligent management software for nesting of pieces

Intelligent management software for nesting of pieces

This software is a highly integrated clothing super system, which combines the functions of pattern making, grading, general nesting and super nesting, camera input function, simpler operation and more comprehensive functions.

The product introduction is as follows:

1, graphics processing part:

Smart and convenient: no need to choose any tools, a pen in smart mode can complete all designs.

Automatic and efficient: The digital automatic grading function can instantly reduce the size of the specifications. The automatic design function can quickly generate templates by inputting the size.

Arbitrary modification: The digital memory function can display the data of any part and directly modify it; the overall modification function can automatically complete the modification of the associated part.

Highly integrated: the three modules of pattern, grading and nesting are integrated, only one file is needed to save the file, and three systems can be modified simultaneously.

2, the nesting part:
The BOKE Super Nesting is a new generation intelligent nesting system developed by BOKE Technology Development Co., Ltd. and New Zealand SS Company. It is the most intelligent, most comprehensive and efficient most efficient nesting system. As the most advanced garment nesting system in the world, its strong competitive advantages are as follows:

Advantages of the BOKE Super Nesting System:

● Short nesting time and fast speed
The BOKE Super Nesting System does not require any manual nesting processing, and sets the nesting plan according to the customer’s product ratio and production requirements. Only need to input the nesting time (the system is in minutes), run the [Start] button, you can complete the nesting work done by the manual hours within the set time. According to the length of the nesting, the nesting time is generally set to 2-8 minutes, which greatly improves the production efficiency and greatly reduces the labor cost.

● High rate of material nesting
The BOKE super-nesting system is 1-5 percentage points higher than the manual nesting method. Compared with other similar super-nesting systems, the nesting utilization rate is 1-3 percentage points higher. The hand-finished nesting or the other nesting system can be extruded using the extrusion function (or rearrangement function) of the system, which generally improves the utilization rate and saves considerable fabric.

●The nesting plan is complete and powerful.
1, mixed row – multiple / multi-code mixed nesting
Different styles and different specifications can be mixed and nestingd, and the number, direction and symmetry of each size and piece can be set. The system automatically calculates the optimal nesting plan according to the set method, and completes the nesting work within the specified time.

2, paragraph color difference – single piece, single code nesting
Fabrics with a segment of color difference can be set to single-piece grouping, single-code grouping or single-piece grouping. According to the system settings, the marking work is automatically completed as required.

3, combined nesting – multiple / multi-code combination
You can set up two or more specifications of the pieces to be grouped together, and the amount of overlap can be set between groups.

4, the edge of the color difference – combined nesting
Fabrics with edge chromatic aberration can be used to arrange different sizes of pieces in a relatively concentrated position to achieve the requirement of preventing chromatic aberration.

5, group, check the material
According to the blanking requirements, you can make a group of pieces (you can implement left and right film groups and any group of chips) and check the grid, as shown below. Depending on the type of bar and the size of the bar, the system can easily implement the bar function.

6,single piece combination – group nesting
This method can be used to facilitate the cutting of products such as underwear (convenient with knife cutting).
In addition to the above nesting scheme, the artificially arranged truss can be saved as a PLT output common format, imported into the BOKE super nesting system, and re-squeezed, and the fabric can be saved on the basis of the manual nesting result.

7, automatic segmentation nesting
Orders with a large number and color and specifications can be automatically segmented by setting the length of the discharge, the number of layers, the estimated utilization rate, etc., through the system to calculate the automatic bed division, and complete the complete discharge according to the segmentation method. This kind of discharge method can effectively utilize non-working time and complete batch discharge work.

Advantages of BOKE Marking Software:

● can effectively control costs
The BOKE Super Nesting System Reporting function can calculate the fabric and cost according to the arranged truss. At the same time, the form can be exported to the Word office software to generate detailed Nesting report, and the effective control can be achieved through approval. The purpose of the cost.

●Compatible and powerful
The BOKE Super Nesting System is highly compatible and well received by users. It is compatible with all software PLT/HPG marker files and international DXF format files.

● Camera input function
Instead of the digitizer, through the software input, the whole sample or samples are taken at one time, input into the software system, and then realize automatic grading; save a lot of time to read the sample, the input size is more accurate.

● Effective cost control: The unique marker reporting function can be exported to the word system to generate detailed reports to facilitate enterprise production planning and cost control.

● Safe and reliable: The BOKE system has a security recovery function to ensure that files are not damaged and lost. Unique file encryption allows you to ensure your files are not stolen through encryption settings.

● Honor: BOKE Smart CAD series products won the third prize of National Business Technology Progress Award in 2012, becoming the only company in the CAD industry to receive this honor.