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AMO2540A filter cloth laser automatic fabric cutting machine

Industrial filter cloth, glass fiber cloth, industrial filter cloth laser cutting machine can meet the industry cutting demand. With automatic feeding device, it can realize ultra-long continuous cutting, high-power laser, increase cutting speed, increase production, with marker pen function, and clearly make sewing marks.

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The features of AMO2540 filter cloth laser cutting machine

Rack-drive Y-axis rack drive  

Adopt rack transmission,  to overcome the long-width cutting and the vibration of the belt drive to ensure the cutting effect of the filter cloth.

Feed-track for fabric cutting Parallel feed track

Achieve automatic transport of fabrics, parallel tracks ensure the accuracy of the fabric transport.

High-speed-servo-motor high-speed servo motor
Make the working speed and acceleration faster, maximize the work efficiency, and ensure the stability of the machine’s long-lasting work.
Automatic-nesting-software Intelligent nesting software
Helping customers build electronic data, make it easier to manage templates, achieve fast super nesting, save time and materials.
Honeycomb-adsorption-platform Honeycomb adsorption platform
The suction force of the suction fan is enhanced, the material is firmly fixed on the platform, and the flatness of the material during the cutting process is ensured.
Caster-design Bottom wheel design of the machine
Convenient for customers to move machines, With brake function, When the position is fixed, the brake of the caster can be turned on.
Transmission-belt 25mm wide belt
Built-in steel wire extends the life of the belt and ensures the stability of the machine’s rapid cutting
750W-blower 750W blower
The “three-up, one-bottom” three-dimensional ventilation model and the use of a powerful blower not only ensure the adsorption of materials, but also eliminate any smoke on the processing site.
Cold-water-machine Industrial chiller
In the process of continuous work, the internal temperature of the machine is controlled at 15-25 degrees, and it can continue to work in a hot environment.
two-head-for-laser-fabric-cutting-services Multiple laser heads

independently controlled, increase work efficiency. Users can also set one of the laser heads to work as needed.

laser-tube-150W-for-laser 150W RECI laser tube
Choose the best brand of laser, stable performance, strong energy, longer life, provide customers with a good experience.
IPM-guide Taiwan PMI Rails
Square rail, diameter 20mm, good wear resistance, high stability.
Scientific-wiring Scientific wiring
An electrical engineer with a doctoral degree designed the scientific wiring to ensure that the circuit the machine is operating on is stable, and it also makes the maintenance of the machine more convenient in the later period.
Operation-control-panel Control Operating System
Independent control board, support U disk operation, Support for continuous cutting, In case of power failure.
auto-feed-system Automatic feeding system
Achieve continuous cutting of roll fabrics without manual fabric spreading; save machine footprint.
Double-track-laser-cutting-fabric Dual-track laser head asynchronous drive:
The two laser cutting heads have independent transmission systems. The efficiency of one machine is equivalent to two machines, and the purchase cost is far lower than the cost of two laser machines.
Suitable for continuous fabric cutting to increase work efficiency.
Four-laser-heads-cut-the-fabric Single-track multi-laser head synchronous drive:
With the mutual shift function, 4 laser heads can work at the same time, and one of the laser heads can also be freely set. This configuration improves work efficiency and makes full use of the work surface, especially for complex graphics.
Smoke-purifier-for-fabric-laser-machine Smoke purifier:
The use of activated carbon and filter devices, secondary treatment of the smoke emitted by the laser fabric cutting machine is a more environmentally friendly laser cutting machine.
mark-pen Marker:
It can be equipped with a marker pen and automatically mark the sewing marks so that the sewing work can be made easier and the fluency of the fabric cutting and sewing can be achieved.


AMO2240 AMO2240 automatic feeding structure can cut continuously for roll fabrics, with a maximum processing area of 2200mmX4000mm at one time. The machine body adopts the European standard industrial aluminum frame body, which perfectly solves the problem of long-term natural deformation and makes full use of the light path. The machine can be assembled, convenient transportation.
AMO1630 AMO1630 automatic feeding structure can cut continuously for roll fabrics. The maximum processing area is 1600mmX3000mm at one time. The whole welding bed is adopted, and the whole transportation is realized. The operation is convenient.
AMO2018 AMO2018 automatic feeding structure can cut continuously for roll fabrics. The maximum processing area is 2000mmX1800mm at one time. The whole welding bed is adopted, and the whole transportation is realized. The operation is convenient.


The above is the recommended model, customers can choose according to the maximum width of the fabric cutting. or according to the maximum width of their own cutting fabric, custom cutting machine of different sizes, specific to our service staff, to provide you with the best advice.

AMO2540 AMO2540 filter cloth laser fabric cutter technical specifications

Model AMO2540
Single cut maximum area 2500mmX4000mm             Can cut rolls fabric continuously.
Cutting head Aluminium oxide for lifetime use
Machine size 2230mmX1590mmX1200mm
Optical system Three mirrors, one focusing lens, imported from Singapore, high light reflectivity, good focusing effect, focusing lens focal length 63.5
Laser tube 80-150W thermal stimulation light pipe, according to the actual needs of the configuration of different power laser tube, it is recommended that cutting power control within 70%, can effectively extend the life of the laser tube
Ammeter Control between 20-30
Control System Qiancheng system, supports ultra-format cutting, suitable for continuous cutting of fabrics
Support image format DXF, PLT, AI etc vector file
Cutting thickness Single layer fabric cut
Connection Serial port, support offline operation, USB file
Motion Control System High-speed continuous loop DC stepper motor
Storage 521MB space
Adsorption  Vacuum adsorption
Exhaust fan power Bottom exhaust fan:2X0.75KW
Fan operating voltage AC220V/50HZ
Machine operating voltage AC220V/50HZ
Best work environment Temperature 0-40 degrees, humidity 20%-80% RH
Cutting speed 50-650mm/s
Acceleration 2000-4000mm/s
Cooling system Water pump or chiller, according to the power of the laser tube, 80W below the recommended use of water pumps, more than 80W recommended the use of different specifications of the chiller CW3000, CW5200, CW6000, chiller Features: Sealed, industrial grade chiller, can achieve 24 hours of continuous work Internal circulating water can be used for 15-20 days
Feed track Parallel, stainless steel feed track, with bead on both sides, can ensure that the track will not appear concave and convex for a long time, can be used for life
Feed speed Divided into fast, low speed and medium speed, can be adjusted according to the actual situation, it is recommended to control the speed
Automatic feeding system It can realize continuous feeding for roll fabrics and fabric pieces, and can also realize automatic recycling of fabrics through the control buttons to reduce the work intensity of workers.
Auxiliary gas The cutting fabric is recommended to use an air compressor, because the process of cutting the fabric, the need for rapid air cooling, to ensure a good cutting effect, the general air compressor pressure between 0.5-0.8

Demonstrated the video of AMO2540 filter cloth laser fabric cutting machine at the customer’s site:
Can accurately and quickly cut contours and holes for filter cloths. Multiple laser heads can be configured to improve processing efficiency. The use of laser processing, cutting standards, convenient, one in place, the need for secondary processing of the trimming effect. It can automatically lock the edge of the cutting edge to eliminate the site of fabric drawing caused by manual cutting. It takes approximately 6 minutes and 42 seconds to cut a 12-meter-long cloth, and a multi-layer head can achieve faster processing efficiency.

Filter-cloth01 Filter cloth Filter-cloth-bag Filter-cloth02

The advantages of using laser cutting fabrics

1, laser cutting fabrics, non-contact cutting, so the laser cutting fabric effects, accuracy and cutting speed are very good, smooth operation, fine and smooth incision, and also has the characteristics of safe operation, simple maintenance, can work for 24 hours in a row. This is particularly suitable for cutting complex geometries such as elastic fabrics and round holes;

2. The non-dust cloth non-woven fabric edge cut out by the cloth laser machine is not yellow, automatic seaming, no deformation, no hard, uniform size, and precision; no flash, size standard, small error (±0.1mm), The effect is soft;

3, High efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can cut any shape of any size of lace;

4, Using intelligent software to solve the serious problem of material waste, just the graphics and dimensions to be cut into the computer, after the precise calculation of the nesting software, cutting machine will cut the entire material into the finished product you need, fabric utilization can be increased 3-5%.

Laser application in the filter cutting industry:

The industrial filter cloth is a filter medium made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. It is mainly used for solid-liquid separation and industrial dust removal. Synthetic fibers mainly include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, vinylon, etc. Polyester and polypropylene are the most commonly used ones, and solid-liquid separation is the main one.

The traditional industrial filter cloth cutting process – using electric hot scalding, easy to pull the edge of the wire, due to the limitations of the traditional method, the advantages of laser cutting machine cutting cloth highlights: high speed, no cutting edge cutting, all kinds of shapes are Can be cut.

The shape of the filter cloth can be produced by a professional designer according to the customer’s requirements through CAD, or the customer can provide samples, and with our input system, the model can be entered into the computer. Simple operation and higher efficiency. According to the characteristics of the processing graphics and the wide size, the automatic typesetting of the software through the automatic layout software enables the raw materials to be used more fully.

filter cloth cutting machine weith laser

Machine work site pictures:
Laser-filter-cutting-machine-customers01 Laser-filter-cutting-machine-customers Laser-filter-cutting-machine-customers04 Laser-filter-cutting-machine-customers02
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine01 Awesome!! Thanks AMO, not only because the machines are good, but more importantly they helped me .because my workers left at the time and my order could not be completed. Thank AMO for helping me in time.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine AMO asked me to comment on their machine. I thought for a moment. I think they gave me the deepest impression: professionalism.
Customer-reviews-for-cnc-fabric-cutting-machine00 I was producing sofas in Dubai. I came to China in June 2017 to inspect equipment for automatic cutting. I inspected a lot of manufacturers, but in the end, I chose AMOR because I think they were very professional and they took me to visit a lot of sofa factories. I saw the work of the machine in the sofa factory, really good.

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