Project Description

  • AMOR1325-Large-Format-CO2-Laser-Cutting-Machine
  • China MDF Wood Plywood PVC Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
  • wood, acrylic, mdf co2 laser cutting machine for sale

AMO 1325 large format laser cutting machine

  • 1300mmX2500mm

  • 50-600mm/s

  • For Wood,Arylic,Fabric,Textile,etc

  • 80W,100W,130W,150W,180W,280W

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Product Details:

AMOR 1325 laser cutting machine with a large processing area, one-time engraving or cutting 1300mmX2500mm material, suitable for wood, MDF, acrylic full-page processing. The gantry-type structure is adopted to reduce the transmission distance of the laser tube and ensure the laser cutting effect on the entire table.