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AMO1630MTM Laser pattern textile cutting machine with the intelligent optical systems

The AMO1630MTM Laser textile cutting machine is a device for custom apparel cutting. The AMO1630MTM is equipped with intelligent optical systems and super marker software. It cuts a variety of patterned textiles, whether they are dots, squares or stripes. The markers are perfectly matched in seconds with the textile pattern. The AMOR1630MTM laser textile cutting machine is widely used in cutting high-end suits and striped shirts to help garment factories better cut stripes and plaid fabrics.

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AMO1630MTM Laser fabric cutting machine technical specifications

Model: AMO1630MTM
Working size: 1600mmX3000mm, Can cut fabric rolls continuously


Cutting tool: Alumina material for lifelong use
Machine size: 2300mmX4500mmX950mm
Optical system: 63.5 Three mirrors, one focusing lens, imported from Singapore, high light reflectivity, good focusing effect, focusing lens focal length 63.5
Laser tube: 150W RECI laser tube, it is recommended that cutting power is controlled within 70%, which can effectively prolong the life of the pipe
Ammeter: Control between 20-30
Control System: Qiancheng system, supports ultra-format cutting, suitable for continuous cutting of fabrics
Support image format DXF,PLT,AI etc Vector file
Cutting thickness single layer fabric
Connection Serial port, support offline operation, USB file
Motion Control System High-speed continuous loop DC servo motor
Storage Can store 400-500 cutting files
Adsorption Vacuum adsorption
Exhaust fan power Bottom fan 3X0.75KW,upper fan 1X0.5KW
Fan operating voltage:  AC220V/50HZ
Machine operating voltage: AC220V/50HZ
Acceleration: 2000-4000mm/s
Cutting speed : 50-500mm/s
The best working environment: Temperature 0-40 degrees, humidity 20%-80%RH
Cooling machine:  CW5200, Sealed, industrial-grade chiller, can achieve 24 hours of continuous work, internal circulating water can be used for 15-20 days.
Feed track: Parallel, stainless steel feed track, with the bead on both sides, can ensure that the track will not appear concave and convex for a long time, can be used for life
Feeding speed: Divided into fast, low speed and medium speed, can be adjusted according to the actual situation, it is recommended to control the speed.
Automatic feeding system: It can realize continuous feeding for rolls and fabric pieces, and can also realize automatic recycling of fabrics through the control buttons to reduce the work intensity of workers.
Auxiliary gas: The use of air compressor is recommended because the process of cutting the fabric requires a rapid cooling of the air flow to ensure good cutting results. The general air compressor pressure is between 0.5 and 0.8.

Advantages of garment laser cutting machine solutions:

1. Efficiency: The garment fabric automatic cutting machine can work continuously, can operate at high speed for a long time, and has high production efficiency and very stable quality.

2. Cost: Manual cutting requires a large number of cutting workers. The cost of wages is high. The automatic cloth cutting machine only needs one person to work, and the cutting work can be completed. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

3. Quality: The cutting effect before sewing directly affects the quality of clothing cost. The adverse effects found after cutting are unrecoverable. This kind of problem is quite common in manual cutting. The use of clothing fabric automatic cutting machine is to solve this problem. Best guarantee.

4. Another advantage of using the automatic cloth cutting machine can greatly enhance the image of the production plant. When the customer visits the production mode and production equipment before the order is placed, the high-speed automatic equipment such as the automatic cutting machine is guaranteed to have the highest quality. The persuasiveness of cost and efficiency.

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