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Project Description

  • AMO1812-CCD-Laser-Cutters-for-printing-fabrics-with-Automatic-Feeding
  • Laser cutting printed fabrics and textiles-AMOR
  • Laser-Cutters-for-printing-fabric-AMOR1812

AMOR1812 laser fabric cutting machine with image recognition system

  • 1800-2400 million pixels

  • 1800mmX1200mm

  • 400-600mm/s

  • Suitable for weaving patterns, embroidered trademarks, sublimation printed garments, cloth stickers, printed uppers, etc.

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Product Details:

AMOR 1812 CCD camera laser cutting machine is widely used in the production of jerseys, jerseys, bikinis, and yoga clothes. With the large-format CCD visual recognition system, the software can automatically complete the contour recognition according to the clothing pattern and automatically search for the graphics. Cutting to ensure accurate cutting of the piece. Simplify the manual cutting process, without the need for printing patterns, can be cut continuously into a roll of fabric to achieve high-precision, high-yield cutting.

The contour recognition system is used to recognize the outline of the pattern, no need for drawing, automatic extraction of contours, visual recognition technology and laser cutting technology to achieve precise cutting of printed fabrics. Professional for a variety of sportswear apparel, outdoor supplies, advertising, shoe materials, toys and many other industries automatic edge cutting, feeding scan completed once, saving time and efficient.

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