Project Description

  • Online-flying-laser-marking-machine-for-date-and-QR-code-coding
  • Online-flying-laser-coding-machine-for-date-and-QR-code-coding

AMOR FL30 online flying laser marking machine for date and QR code coding

  • 110mm-175mm

  • 12000mm/s

  • Suitable for metal and most non-metal materials: metal products, PVC, HEPE, aluminum, rubber and plastics,.etc

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Why more and more people choose laser coding machine?

5 advantages of laser coding machine compared with ink jet coding machine:
1. Permanent mark, can not be smeared, has a good anti-counterfeiting effect, don’t worry about alteration;
2. High processing efficiency, can work continuously for 24 hours, stable performance, and realize non-stop laser coding;
3. Environmental protection and health, no harmful substances to the environment and human body will be produced, and there is no need to worry about any ink residue and odor entering the marked object;
4. The operation and maintenance are very simple, it can be used when plugged in, no consumables and no maintenance. No need to worry about a lot of cleaning work caused by clogged nozzles;
5. Low cost of use, no maintenance, no consumables, no need for regular ink replacement and complicated maintenance.