Project Description

Laser cutter core configuration: laser optics lens

The role in the laser work process:

The structure of the laser light path is consists of three mirrors and one focusing lens. The reflector is responsible for transmitting the laser light emitted by the laser tube to the laser cutting head and optimizing the beam quality of the laser when the laser reaches the laser. After the head, the focusing beam is used to focus the beam and ultimately act on the surface of the material.

How to select optical lenses:

Reflector: mainly depends on the reflection rate, the material is mainly silicon and molybdenum high reflective materials; diameter is divided into 20 25 30mm;

Focusing Mirror: Mainly imported from Singapore, customers need to choose the focusing lens with a different focal length according to cutting requirements.

Tips: Keeping the laser lenses clean is the most important. Carefully clean the lenses with good cleaning habits, reduce or eliminate contamination caused by human factors, such as fingerprints or saliva, etc. Use special cotton swabs, acetone, and ether mixture to wipe gently. Most pollutants can be removed. To maintain regularly, extend lens life.