Project Description

Laser Cutting auxiliary system 2: Environmental protection system

Role in the laser cutting process:

The material can be fixed on the processing platform by strong ventilation, especially when cutting flexible materials such as paper and fabric;
Take away the dust and smoke produced by cutting, improve the air quality of the cutting space, and make the processing site more environmentally friendly.

Purchase guide:

Blower: The power is 750W, the voltage is single-phase 220V, turbo high-pressure blower, can effectively assist the laser work.

Tip: During the cutting process, it is necessary to do a good job of maintaining and maintaining the blower, especially in the case of cutting the fabric, or the harsh environment of the processing site, clean the fan every 7 days to prolong the service life of the fan.

Smoke purifier: Through the fan’s gravity, the exhaust gas is sucked into the air inlet of the device through the suction hood, and the smoke gas enters the settling chamber. Using gravity and updraft airflow, the coarse dust is directly reduced to the ash hopper first. The particulate smoke is trapped on the outer surface by the filter element. After the clean air is filtered and purified by the filter core, it flows into the clean room from the center of the filter core. The clean air is adsorbed by the activated carbon filter and further purified and discharged through the air outlet.