AMO1610A Laser Fabric/Textile Cutting Machine2020-11-06T09:33:24+00:00

Project Description

  • AMOR1610-Laser-Fabric-Cutting-Machine
  • AMO1610A-Universal-Laser-Fabric-Cutter
  • laser cutting machine for laser cutting machine for fabric & leather-AMO1610cfabric & leather-AMO1610c

AMO1610A Laser Fabric/Textile Cutting Machine with Auto Feeding

  • 1600mmX1000mm

  • 400-600mm/s

  • Automatic nesting, automatic feeding, automatic cutting-save workers and improve efficiency

  • Textile, fabric, leather, felt, faux fur and other flexible materials

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Product Details:

AMOR1610A laser fabric cutting machine uses of track-type work platform, with automatic feeding system, can realize automatic continuous processing. Configure the intelligent nesting software to cut the fabric efficiently and save material. It is convenient for pattern making and revision, high cutting efficiency and good quality. Especially suitable for cut pieces of apparel fabrics.

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