Project Description

Cutting tool selection

The role of the cutting head:

The laser cutting head is an important part of the laser cutting material, which contains important optical lenses, including gas and focal length adjustment are done on the laser head, can be divided into metal material cutting and non-metallic material cutting. The biggest difference is that the cutting head for metal cutting can automatically adjust the focal length of the laser head according to the surface level of the plate, and the laser nozzle uses the copper material to increase the pressure when the gas is discharged.

Cutting tools for fabrics are mainly divided into three types:

Round knives are mainly used for single-layer quick cutting of flexible fabrics, and are widely used in custom-made household cutting;

Vibrating knives are mainly used for cutting some thicker fabric materials, and are used in automobiles. The wide range of applications in the decorative industry;

A long pneumatic knife is mainly used for multilayer cutting of fabrics, suitable for mass production.

Marker pen: In the cutting process, the marking of the fabric can be completed, the marking work and the equipment processing set cutting, marking in one.