A MOR CNC LASER CO. , LTD is located in the beautiful city of Jinan, China. Since 2012, it has been committed to providing customers with automated cutting and engraving solutions. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality automated production equipment to provide our customers with the highest quality experience.

Our initial manufacturing concept was centered on “products” because laser cutting was in an emerging stage in the entire industry. Many traditional industries, especially handicraft manufacturing industries, face limited productivity and backward production models. The inability to meet the market demand, such as China’s paper-cutting, shadow, stone engraving and other industries, the emergence of CO2 laser engraving machine has brought great help to the traditional manufacturing industry, because it has a fast, fine engraving cutting characteristics, and is widely The application can be called an “industrial revolution.” Of course, because of the huge demand of the market, laser machine manufacturing has ushered in a tremendous development in the carving of handicrafts and the manufacturing industry. Until now, it should be said that the carving and cutting industry of handicrafts is still the main application industry for small lasers, and a complete service system has been formed. The products not only include CO2 laser engraving and cutting, but also fiber laser and RF CO2 laser marking. Can provide targeted solutions for different crafts, such as cylindrical object engraving, wine bottle engraving, animal nameplate engraving, mobile phone shell engraving, character image engraving, metal hardware logo, 3D model, bamboo and wood products and other industries

With the development of the market, AMOR is also making progress and changes. The single product model can no longer meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, in 2012 we began the industrialization of laser applications, combining the characteristics of lasers with the applications of our customers. , Established a “customer” oriented production concept, began to provide

exclusive solutions for some industries, in order to solve the customer’s industry production technology, personnel and development issues. We have accumulated rich service experience in software furniture manufacturing, automotive interior manufacturing, filter cloth cutting, dye-sublimation printing fabrics, garment customization, and density plate frame cutting, and have improved our products from a single working structure. Automatic feeding structure, large-format CCD scanning, high-power CO2 lasers, large-format laser cutting and other products with their own characteristics.

In 2016, we produced the “blade” series automatic fabric cutting machine for the requirements of fabric cutting, providing diversified solutions for the sofa manufacturing, automotive interior and other industries, and supporting the intelligent model management software to achieve the model The digital management has specifically solved the problems of traditional fabric cutting and nesting, difficulty in manual cutting, and high production costs.

At the same time, we are also actively developing the Fiber series for cutting metal materials, providing production solutions for the sheet metal processing industry, and satisfying different forms of metal materials such as steel plates, round tubes, and square tubes.

Therefore, AMOR has become a professional, three-dimensional supplier of automated production solutions, products include CO2 laser series, blade series, fiber marking cutting series, is widely used in handicraft carving, fabric cutting, metal cutting, wood processing, etc. Different areas. In the future development of AMOR, we will always strive to achieve automated cutting and cutting for our customers, providing customers with more intelligent cutting and cutting solutions to help customers solve the cutting problem on the production line.

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Development of AMOR

With the development of our company in the past 10 years, we have seen that our equipment is widely used in various markets, from the production of small craft products to the use of sofa factories, sheet metal factories, filter cloth factories, and other industries, industrial quality The combination of cutting speed and quality with affordable prices makes it possible to add automated production equipment to their businesses from personal use to factory automation and achieve real success.

We are very grateful to all those who have cooperated with us. We welcome more agents and customers to choose AMOR.

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