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amor teamOnly by bringing together talent, AMOR can have better development.” This is the phrase often spoken by AMOR’s CEO; in fact, AMOR does the same. After ten years of development, AMOR has gathered a group of talented people with the same philosophy, which includes a wealth of experience in the installation of the master, to provide customers with the best The quality assurance also includes college students or graduate students who have just graduated from the university, bringing new vitality and development thinking to the company.

In order to provide customers with the best machines and services, the company has divided into different functional departments. In terms of machine production, we have a research and development department, a production department and a quality inspection department. R & D department is mainly responsible for the company’s new product development and custom design requirements; production department is divided into installation, electronics, testing, and delivery, is mainly responsible for the installation and delivery of the machine; quality inspection department will be carried out before the factory machine The tests ensure that the installation of the machine is free of any quality problems. Only the quality of the case is passed and the equipment can be packed and shipped.

In terms of customer service, we have sales department, sample production department and after-sales service department. The sales department will provide customers with the most professional reference suggestions according to the needs of the customers; the sample production department will test the materials according to the customer’s requirements and provide detailed test reports; the after-sales service department will be responsible for the installation of the client machines and the subsequent service work. Solve the problems encountered by customers during the use of the machine in a timely manner.

It is the perfect cooperation of these six departments that can guarantee our customers the best quality products and the best machine experience. This is also the importance of establishing a core team.

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