Customers visit the factory

Machine in customer factory

“Our efficiency has improved greatly with Amor machines. We manufacture many customized products, so we have to add and subtract sizes. Before installing Amor equipment, we would usually cut three sets per day. Now, we easily process 15 sets in one day.”

CEO Yan, Sofa Production Plant

“Amor sent us an engineer who was very patient in teaching us how to operate the machine. We found that, for each set of sofas, the machine cut helped me to save about one meter of fabric. I no longer have to worry about the waste, as I did with our previous manual layout. In addition to saving fabric, the machine helped lower the costs of labor and operation.”

JC Mereles, Dubai Factory

I came to China to purchase the machine for non-woven shoe cutting. I visited 3-4 factories, but I eventually chose AMOR because you are very professional and enthusiastic. I remember in your sample production room, Zhang engineer carefully sampled for me and recommended 1625 large-format upper shoe cutting machine for me.

Non-woven-shoe-upper-cuttingPaul, Non-woven-shoe-upper-cutting

At that time, Shao came to Dubai to train for me. He was a very handsome young man. What was even more remarkable was his technique. He patiently installed the machine for me and helped me to debug the cutting of the 150W heat-stimulating light pipe and repeated it. The experiment helped me get the best results. Thank you for your support. Your technical staff is great, smart and polite. I talked to other people there and received first-rate service every time. Just think I need to let you know that Shao engineer surpassed me for me and I thank him. This is a blessing to me.

MDF-cutteMuhammad, Dubai MDF processing

“Like many people, I was concerned while deciding among equipment manufacturers. To ease my uncertainty, I went to China to study the equipment in person. I chose Amor, because I was warmly welcomed for a tour of their factory and because there is a professional for upholstered furniture. That impressed me since I manufacture sofas.”

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