The advantages of AMOR service

AMOR specializes in providing professional solutions for the cloth processing industry. Our automatic cutting equipment is now “the fifth generation,” with stable performance and reliable quality in both the software and hardware used for manufacturing sofas, chairs, clothing, etc.

We have long and valuable experience in providing service to our customers, including in processing sample input, super nesting system software, automatic cutting of different fabrics, as well as a whole range of procedures. Customers quickly learn the technology of the automatic cutting of cloth with AMOR professional technical guidance.

AMOR services ensure that the equipment operates at the highest capacity so that customers receive the highest possible rate of return on their investment. Customers receive global technical support and detailed video tutorials that reduce the learning curve for automatic cutting technology. We cooperate with the customer to optimize system and operational performance to achieve higher efficiency and quality. AMOR services provide everything a business needs to flourish in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

AMOR network video course content:

1. The installation of the machine
1.1 Notices after receiving the equipment1.2 Installation preparation

1.3 Installing the auxiliary system

2. The installation of a digitizer
2.1 Digitizer and software connection2.2 Entering the paper template into the computer
3. The operation of the nesting software
3.1 How to input the size of the generation sheet3.2 How to change the size of the pattern

3.3 How to combine two different styles of pieces

4. Machine cutting software learning
4.1 How to import the nesting photo into the software4.2 How to enter a file
5. The operation of the 5 machine
5.1 Machine cutting parameter setting
6.  Maintenance
How to get the network tutorial:

Please contact our service staff for the password of the course login. Log in on our website for detailed instructions on operating the automatic cutting equipment.